Why Standing Desks Are Becoming Mainstream in the Office

The majority of the jobs today require sitting which leads to a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting stabilizes the body since it uses less energy than standing. You sit when you carry out motor skills like driving, computer-related works, and creative drawings. This will foster less movement and health complications. Studies have indicated a probable increase in the risks of colon cancer, kidney diseases, and cardiovascular diseases due to extensive sitting. Ergonomists have long suggested the use of standing desks and the introduction of sit and stand workstations as part of office design. When used properly, standing desks can be beneficial to both, the user and the company.


Top Reasons Why Standing Desks are Becoming Mainstream in Workplaces


According to WebMD.com, using standing desks can help lower the risk of obesity, neck pain, and heart diseases. In its article entitled, “Standing Desks: How They Help You Beat Inactivity”, it mentioned:

“Studies have linked sitting a lot to these and other health problems. Even people who exercise most days face health risks if they sit too much. Standing desks raise your computer high enough for you to work and stand at the same time. This keeps you on your feet for more of the day.”

The same article also stated that health experts advised us to learn the best way to use standing desks. One tip is to alternate between sitting and standing.

The following are some other proven benefits of standing desks that make them a remarkable part of every workstation:



Facebook, one of the world’s leading companies stated that there is an augment in the number of requests for a standing desk from their employees. Greg Hoy, a design recruiter, asked for a standing desk a few months after joining Facebook. He noticed that he no longer feels tired in the afternoon and he “feels active all day long” after using standing desks at work.

Tiffani Jones Brown, a content strategist also requested a standing desk, two months after joining Facebook. She wants to keep her energy level high and sitting makes her tiresome. "I get really tired when I sit all day," Ms. Jones Brown said. Using a standing desk also helps her to feel better and become more productive at work.

Tiffany Mura who works in a biotech company has been using a standing desk since 2012 and can testify that it has improved her concentration. She is also getting used to standing at most company meetings although it felt awkward the first time she did stand. Tiffany is actively running to stay fit and yet knew how important standing is. “I’m an avid runner and agree that standing is necessary even for fit people like myself,” she said.


Martha Grogan, M.D., a Mayo Clinic cardiologist endorses activities that create physical movement to get incorporated into daily activities. She says “Exercise is very important, but research has found that simply being physically active with your day-to-day activities can keep your heart healthy.” The activities may include gardening or cleaning. For office workers, this includes taking the stairs instead of elevators, taking distance parking, walking to your destination, and periodic simple movements, such as standing, walking and stretching throughout a long workday.

Dr. Alan Hedge, a professor of Ergonomics at Cornell University, suggests periodically alternating between sitting and standing while at work. He said there must be regular movement between sitting and standing. A break of at least 2 minutes is required where you can do some walking, stretching, and/or standing. Research has shown that frequent small breaks improve levels of comfort, work performance, and reduce the risks of musculoskeletal injuries.

Trevor Nelson, a presenter of BBC Radio 1Xtra is standing up and using electronically adjustable desks in presenting his programs. "I think you've got to think of doing something during the day that doesn't involve going to a gym", he says. Health benefits are just one of his considerations in using the standing desk as it is important for him to work productively. He concluded, "I feel more aware, I feel sharper, standing gives me more energy while I'm on air".


More reliable sources shared how ergonomic equipment like standing desks are helping more individuals to improve their work performance. There are also famous companies such as Google and Facebook that are known to use standing desks and have acquired amazing benefits from this equipment. This is why standing desks and other ergonomic accessories are becoming mainstream among workplaces.


GlobalNews.ca shared a video where a physiotherapist Sarah Lord Ferguson where the advantages of standing desks at work are discussed.


According to Healthline.com, the following are the benefits of using standing desks:

  • Boosts productivity 
  • Helps people live longer
  • Reduces back pain and neck pain
  • Decreases the risk of obesity or weight gain
  • Lowers the risk of heart problems
  • Lowers the blood sugar levels
  • Aids in improving energy levels and mood


Reducing a sedentary lifestyle at work can definitely improve your performance. Not only you can excel in your job, but will also keep a healthy mind and body. 

When buying a standing desk for your office, make sure to consider the quality and the features it can provide. There are various standing desks available today, thus, a better understanding of how to get a high-quality standing desk is needed.


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Certainly, every user should learn the proper way of using standing desks and other ergonomic products to ensure that they will acquire the benefits they can provide.