Where to Purchase The Best Office Ergonomic Chair Online

Ergonomic chairs are an ideal investment in today's world, where most jobs outside of manual labour require sitting for prolonged hours during the day. Whether you are in an office or working at home, chances are you're filling out paperwork or facing a computer screen to do your job. 

Traditional office chairs are at the heart of such a white-collar work setup, along with a desk and a computer. And for the longest time, such a work arrangement entailed chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain

Why Ergonomic Chairs?

As with many innovations, ergonomic chairs were invented to counter a common problem faced by more workers. Research found that sitting on a desk is a significant source of workplace injuries, a problem that many have tried to solve for many centuries prior.  

Workplace injuries vary according to jobs, and eventually, the concept of "Ergonomics" was applied in the workplace. Ergonomics aims to engineer and design workplace products, such as a chair, to increase productivity and limit discomfort and injuries. 

With ergonomic chairs, proper mechanisms are now available, allowing users to fix their postures while sitting down, reducing risks of back pains and stiffness in the shoulders and neck. Ergonomic chairs also have sufficient padding and depth, giving users the proper comfort throughout the day. 

Where to Buy the Best Office Ergonomic Chair

There are now many online stores selling ergonomic chairs. One of the best choices is AnthroDesk

AnthroDesk stands one hundred percent behind its products, faithfully applying the concept of ergonomics into all of its products, as it believes that all Canadians and its clients should have a healthy and productive work life. 

AnthroDesk offers the best office Ergonomic Chair available, offering features that will adjust to the proportions of your body in order to eliminate looming health and physical problems while increasing your productivity. 


What Makes AnthroDesk's Ergonomic Chair The Best? 

Several reasons can be stated to show why AnthroSesk has the best ergonomic chair in the market, but to list the most significant ones, they include: 

Adjustable Lumbar Support

One of the first signs that you're accumulating an injury from sitting too long is when your lower back starts to ache. This type of backache is related to an overtaxed lumbar spine located at the lower part of the back. 

The tendency for most is that they can't help slouch during prolonged sitting durations, which puts unnecessary weight not only on the lumbar spine but also on the ligaments and discs supporting it. Eventually, this can lead to a damaged spine structure and a worsened back pain

With Antrhodesk’s ergonomic chair offering adjustable lumbar support, your spine's natural curvature, which looks like an "S" shape, is supported and maintained. The lumbar support fills the gap between the lower back and the chair, supporting the spine while sitting. 


Adjustable Chair Height

You should have complete control of your ergonomic chair when setting up its height. The chair should adjust vertically so that your feet fully touch the floor while your knees bent at a 90-degree angle.

When the knees are bent inwards, there is an uneven weight distribution across the body. The hips, knees, and ankles are working more to maintain body weight which eventually causes stress in these body parts. 

On the other hand, when the knees have to extend downwards to keep ground, unwanted weight is placed on the feet and ankles. For prolonged periods of sitting, this can lead to ankle or feet related injuries. 

Anthrodesk's ergonomic chair allows your knees to be at a 90-degree angle sitting down, enabling our body weight to be evenly distributed across all body parts. This eliminates only one single body part having to maintain body weight and reduces physical injuries. 


Adjustable Handrest Height

The 90-degree logic above also applies to having an adjustable handrest height. But this time, it's to reduce the strain on the wrists, shoulders and upper back. 

When the arms are not parallel to the desk, they either bend upwards or downwards to reach the desk. In turn, the wrists, shoulders, and upper back have to work more to maintain these unusual positions. Again, these body parts will eventually weaken and are at risk of injuries. 

Similarly, your arms will be at a 90-degree angle parallel to the desks with Antrhodesks' Ergonomic Chair. This will reduce the uneven weight distribution across the mentioned body parts. 


Headrest Height and Tilt

With all of the features mentioned so far, you should maintain a proper posture while sitting for prolonged hours. However, maintaining a proper posture without an adjustable headrest will eventually wear down your neck, your shoulders, all the way to your back. 

For comparison, slouching releases pressure off the neck and shoulders but puts more stress on your lumbar spine. On the other hand, when your back is in a natural posture, your neck and shoulders will have to work to maintain proper posture. 

This is why an ergonomic chair should have an adjustable height and tilt to support your neck and your shoulders whilst maintaining proper posture. 


Back Tilt

Even during long work hours, there will be some downtime to take a break. Anhtrodesks’ ergonomic chair offers an adjustable back tilt that will cater to your preferred comfort zone when reclining backwards for that well-deserved break. 

Having a personalized chair that suits your comfort will take one less worry out of your day and, in turn, increase your productivity. 



AnthroDesk understands what individuals need to have a healthy and productive work life. Hence, it made sure that its products must be hundred percent ergonomic. 

AnthroDesk designed its ergonomic chair to allow your body to maintain a relaxed posture whilst sitting down for prolonged durations. This means there is natural and even weight distribution across all your body, preventing stress and injuries on specific body parts. 

Lastly, the price of investing in ergonomic chairs requires serious financial evaluation. That’s why AnthroDesk shoulders delivery fees to customers anywhere in Canada! AnthroDesk stands 100% behind its products, so it gives customers a 1 year warranty and a full refund (within 30 days) as well - just in case its products do not meet expectations or are faulty. 

With sufficient knowledge of why AnthroDesks' ergonomic chair is the best, you not only get to save time in choosing the right ergonomic chair, but you also make sure that your investment is worth it.