What You Should Know About LED Lighting and Productivity

An LED (light emitting diode) lighting, as most people knew uses less energy, is cost-efficient and eco-friendly. Those are just a few of the general benefits of LED lighting.

Did you know that it also has health benefits?

Take a good look at the following list, this will surely make you decide to include an LED desk lamp in your office and study room plus your standing desk to make your office design ergonomically correct.


Traditional and CFL light bulbs contain mercury. Mercury may be a natural element in the air, soil, and water but exposure to even a small amount may cause detrimental health problems such as toxic effects on the digestive and immune systems, lungs, skin, and even eyes. LED lights or LED desk lamp contains no mercury which immediately becomes a much safer option.


LED’s do not generate UV radiation, unlike CFL bulbs. It is because of the process by which electric current passes through a semiconductor. The most common health hazards of UV radiation is skin cancer and traditional lights; even inside the homes and offices, the UV rays' exposure could put someone at risk. The relatively pure blue light from the LED has almost no UV radiation – good news! The LED lighting is one of the safest alternatives for avoiding UV radiation in artificial light sources.


One of the health hazards, when exposed to UV rays for a longer period of time, is inflammation of the eye or worst, the damage to the retina. By now, it is obvious that aside from using sunblock to safeguard the skin and sunglasses to secure the eyes from the UV rays, using LED lights or even LED desk lamp is helpful in protecting the eyes from damage caused by the UV rays.


Researchers at the Breakthrough Institute in Oakland California made a promising discovery that being more exposed to lit environments will lead to an increase in productivity. The study was published in the journal Energy Policy. LED lights have unique designs that enhance visibility. It provides better lighting that is credited to increase productivity. Given these effects, LED lighting including LED desk lamp is ideal for any working environment. It can help increase attention, improve mood, lower chances of a headache, or eye strain caused by flickering lights in traditional lighting.