What You Need to Know About Anti-Fatigue Mats

Standing for long hours is not only uncomfortable but can also cause health problems. Some people, especially those whose jobs require standing for several hours, may experience discomfort, leg cramps, and physical fatigue. 

Good thing today, some products help to reduce such problems when it comes to health and work. One of these products is the anti-fatigue mat.


What Are Anti-Fatigue Mats?


Anti-fatigue mats are made to reduce fatigue, which is caused by standing for long hours. They can be made of different materials such as wood, vinyl, rubber, and carpeting materials. 

Although this kind of mat does not solve the health issues caused by long hours of standing, they are preferred by many individuals today to help reduce lower limb disorders, sore feet, tiredness, knee and hip pain, and other discomforts.

Unknown to some, some factors can contribute to such health conditions, including the type of work, flooring material, and the worker’s footwear. Regardless, fatigue can still affect your performance because you become so tired working while standing. 


How Do Anti-Fatigue Mats Work?


When people work extensively long hours, they are forced to work harder to pump blood to the body. This results in running out of energy and eventually experiencing fatigue. 

When a person uses an anti-fatigue mat to stand, the muscles will contract subtly and adjust to the mat’s flexibility. When a person stands on an anti-fatigue mat, the muscle movement will aid in stimulating the blood flow and increases the supply of oxygen to the heart. In that way, fatigue is dramatically reduced. 


The Benefits Of Anti-Fatigue Mats For A Healthier Workspace


Great ergonomics is required to create a healthy and productive workplace. This may include using desks, chairs, equipment, and accessories such as ergonomic mice and anti-fatigue mats to utilize for the type of job you have.

Experts recommend working individuals to use anti-fatigue mats to promote comfort and productivity. The people who can benefit from this product include industrial hygienists, risk managers, occupational nurses, safety engineers, freelancers, insurance company agents, and other ergonomists. It’s great to know that many workforce members are now becoming aware of how anti-fatigue mats provide advantages. 

Here are some of the benefits of anti-fatigue mats: 


#1 Anti-Fatigue Mats Help Increase Productivity 


When a person experiences discomfort due to long hours of standing, the ability to remain productive is reduced. Such an issue also worsens because of pains and aches that may develop. 

When employees are continuously experiencing fatigue and other discomforts, it can lead to various severe conditions and may result in frequent absenteeism from their job.

Employees can effectively work when they use anti-fatigue matting since they improve efficiency and concentration. Besides, when an employee is working comfortably, this leads to improving the employee’s morale and increased enthusiasm toward work. 


#2 Anti-Fatigue Mats Can Keep Employees Safe and Protected From Injuries 


Experts confirmed the health benefits of the anti-fatigue mat in the workplace. In a study conducted at Loughborough University, the researchers found that prolonged standing results in serious issues such as tiredness, fatigue, discomfort, and other health problems. The study also revealed that participants complained of experiencing stiffness in the shoulders and neck.

Standing on hard surfaces for long hours is shown to link to some other health problems such as:

  1. Lower limb problems;
  2. Foot problems;
  3. Varicose veins;
  4. Blood circulation issues;
  5. Muscle and bone pains;
  6. Fatigue on postural muscles;
  7. Muscle Tension;
  8. Spine and joint compression.

This is why it will be beneficial to install an anti-fatigue mat in the workplace or around workstations to help all employees create a comfortable work experience. Besides, employers will be able to save more and avoid employee health compensation claims.


#3 Anti-Fatigue Mats Can Help Prevent Falls, Slips, and Trips at Work 


Some injuries can be evaded with the help of anti-fatigue mats. Since accidents such as slips, trips, and falls at work can be prevented, employees will not be engaged in absences. Such incidents are avoided with the help of safety features such as installing anti-fatigue matting and using other ergonomic tools.

Since anti-fatigue mats are built from non-slip rubber and other materials that can help avoid falls, especially during the rainy season, people in the workplace will be safer doing their jobs. Most of the time, people tend to underestimate how often accidents can happen at the workplace, so being a bit cautious from the start can go a long way. 


#4 Anti-Fatigue Matting Offers Insulation From Cold Floorings 


Cold concrete floors can also be a source of discomfort for employees, especially during winter. This can cause sickness or distress and, of course, can lead to lower productivity. 

Anti-fatigue mats serve as an excellent insulator that provides better comfort during cold weather conditions. Because of that, this can also aid in reducing the heating costs of the company. 


Choose the Best Anti-Fatigue Mat for your Workplace


Choosing the best anti-fatigue mat, quality, and customer feedback are two of the essential attributes to consider. They should be top-notch when it comes to quality and have positive reviews from the customers. Do not just go for low-quality anti-fatigue mats.AnthroDesk’s anti-fatigue mats offer the best features that will help your workplace create a more productive quality-driven environment. We also provide high-end quality ergonomic accessories at reasonable prices.

It’s undoubtedly evident that the right anti-fatigue mat appropriately used in the workplace can provide a lot of benefits in establishing a working environment that is both comfortable and productive. 




Make sure to find and implement smart buying tips when planning to purchase a new anti-fatigue mat. All employers must consider their employees’ comfort and protection to give the best of their performance on their respective jobs. This will ensure a healthier, more efficient, and happier team in the workplace. 

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for people who work long hours at their desks to be unaware that there are many things that they can do to be more comfortable while working at the office. Some of those things are standing desks, ergonomic chairs, keyboards and mice, just to name a few aside from the anti-fatigue mats. 

Too many people either sit too much or stand too much while they’re working, so naturally, they or their employers should look for ways to increase their comfort and decrease the chance of developing chronic illnesses such as back and neck pain, problems with sciatica and many others. Employers should understand that the best thing for their employees is to balance between sitting and standing. 

Therefore, if they have been sitting too much, they should use an anti-fatigue mat and try to stand or walk a little and vice-versa if they have been standing for too long.