What Organizational Skills Do You Need To be Successful?

Do you find yourself staring at your computer screen doing nothing often? Like your brain has stopped functioning? Like your batteries need replacing (energizer perhaps) so you can keep going and going and going?

You might also be feeling hopeless these days and feel like your days at work are unproductive and lethargic. Maybe you just need to evaluate what you are missing at work and do something with your routines such as improving your organizational skills and your sedentary lifestyle.

Starting With The Basics: What Are Organizational Skills?

Your organizational skills involve goal setting or planning, execution of an action plan, proper assignment and prioritizing of work (this is especially true for leaders and the management team), and arranging the systematic flow of tasks and related job orders. What organizational skills do you need in your workplace that will make you successful and a model employee? I'm glad you asked!

Time Management

Obviously, this is a basic organizational skill that is a must - one you must develop, enhance, and sustain. Use your time wisely and make your day productive. Easy enough to say, but HOW DO YOU DO IT?

Start with avoiding distractions such as idle talk, social media (yeah, you might even want to block Facebook in the workplace, at least for your 'deep work' periods), and avoid that messy desk (it might be time to go minimalist). Second, manage your time spent sitting. Yes, that extended time you spend sitting, your sedentary activity is actually an unproductive and deadly practice. Why? Excessive inactivity throughout the day actually decreases your productivity and increases your likelihood of mortality from cardiovascular and metabolic-related diseases. Not something you want to keep doing.

Analytical Skills

These skills require constant practice and upgrading. An example of analytical skills is auditing, maintaining the accuracy of the information, and budgeting your time and money. How much time will you spend answering emails, making a phone call, and preparing a report? How much time will be wasted on re-work for correcting errors? How much money will it save the company if you start a paperless office?

If you think you lack in this department, it is high time you develop it. Your decision-making skills are highly dependent on your analytical skills. Your ability to analyze will force you to think (HARD - a lot of times), and conceptualize new ideas, make intelligible conversation, and retain the ability to turn complex procedures into simple ones.

How do you start your journey to acquiring analytical skills? Start with reading, crossword puzzles, solving math problems (yeah, and you might say - what?). Mathematics will actually help improve your analytical skills. Make your brain more active, don’t just sit there all day in front of your laptop. Sitting for an extended time makes you feel tired, sleepy, and increases your chances of getting sick. Stand up to work and use a standing desk. Get more active. Move those muscles, have office exercises, stretch your legs. You will notice a sudden increase in your focus and a much-improved concentration.

Now that you are ready you can think clearly about what is more appropriate for your current status at work and how your company should move forward in the direction of its goals. You can make analytical decisions based on informed choices.

Why Do You Need Organizational Skills?

Why not? These are the skills you need for your professional development. Your exemplary organizational skill can help accomplish your goals. Have an action plan and implement it accordingly. What’s more, this skill can give you the salary you wanted because of a promotion. Start organizing your time, start organizing your tasks, start organizing your office, and start improving your life for a successful professional career.