What Makes a Good Vertical Gaming Mouse

Using computers is now a common and crucial part of our daily routine- at work and at home. Your computer mouse is an integral part of your desk job, be it a clerical or typing job. Nowadays, as gaming becomes more sophisticated and trendy, the use of a good mouse definitely matters. You may not yet aware of it, but your current mouse could already cause you health problems and productivity issues at work. This is why you should decide to use an ergonomic vertical gaming mouse.

Your computer mouse may look like a tiny piece of accessory on your table, but it can certainly create a big impact on the quality of your work and life.


What is an Ergonomic Mouse?

Webopedia defines an ergonomic mouse as:

“A type of mouse that has been designed to reduce muscle strain and decrease discomfort (while using the mouse) associated with injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and tendonitis. Compared to other mice, an ergonomic mouse is designed to fit a more natural hand position when being used.”

Not using an ergonomic mouse for your desk job can bring long-term damage to your hands, wrists, and arms. This is because an ergonomic mouse is designed to keep the hands, arms, wrists, and elbows in their natural position. It will aid you to become more comfortable and efficient at work. An ergonomic vertical mouse lets you hold it with a handshake grip. The main reasons for utilizing an ergonomic mouse include reducing fatigue, preventing carpal tunnel syndrome, alleviating RSI risks, and affecting your productivity levels.


Top Reasons Why You Should Choose an Ergonomic Mouse

Just like any other ergonomic tools, your mouse should be appropriately chosen. These are the various reasons why you should consider an ergonomic mouse as an essential accessories on your workstation.


#1 It helps in reducing fatigue

Some workers feel drained and exhausted after a long day’s work. A big cause of this is when your workplace is not set up properly, failing to apply proper ergonomics. When you can’t work comfortably and use the wrong tools at work, you can be at high risk of chronic fatigue syndrome. It is a state of tiredness that you can still experience even when you’re sleeping. Fatigue makes you more prone to illness, and it will be difficult for you to manage stress. Switching to an ergonomic mouse can help you stay away from fatigue since there will be no strain.


#2 It aids in preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other Repetitive Strain Injuries

One of the common problems of people who use the mouse is that they often experience pain in their wrists such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Strain Injuries(RSI) or the scroll wheel. The whole time you’re using the mouse, your arm stays twisted, putting tension on your wrist and other joints. Over time, that repetition can cause carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive strain injury (RSI). An ergonomic mouse can help ease an already existing pain in the wrist or prevent you from developing any strain injury. This type of mouse lessens the range of motion needed while you’re at work. It also allows us to extend our arms and hands naturally.


#3 It is easier to use by people with arthritis

A traditional mouse can add pain for users with arthritis due to joint inflammation that worsens when you stretch, twist, and strain.


Features of an Ideal Vertical Gaming Mouse

When choosing the best ergonomic mouse for gaming or working, the following features and qualities should be considered.


#1 A good fit

A gaming mouse should be a good fit for users with small or big hands. Choose a mouse that fits your hands perfectly. In that way, you can alleviate fatigue and pain by allowing yourself to work more efficiently.

#2 Light indicator

The mouse should also provide a light indicator for DPI configurations.

#3 Program buttons

Today’s mice keep on evolving with great designs, styles, and features. When it comes to determining the right gaming mouse, you can choose the ones with program buttons that can help you set to perform repetitive tasks. An ergonomic mouse for gaming can decrease the keyboard load and help save the thumb and index finger from fatigue and strain.

#4 Can be used both by left-handed and right-handed users

It would also be best if you can choose a mouse that can be used by right-handed and left-handed people. That would give them a higher level of comfort, ease, and efficiency during the game.

#5 Portability

Some gamers have their own dedicated space for their gaming needs. However, there are times that they need to travel or move from place to place. A good gaming mouse should be portable, so it will be easier for them to bring it wherever they go. It should be portable and can be conveniently carried by its users.


AnthroDesk’s Ergonomic Mouse

As a company offering high-quality ergonomic equipment, AnthroDesk provides ergonomic mice available for office workers, students, gamers, and anyone who is engaged in using computers.


AnthroDesk Wired Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

AnthroDesk’s vertical mouse can aid in preventing injuries linked with the continuous use of a mouse. It allows your arm and hands to stay in a more natural position. The use of a tempered ABS material built the mouse more durable than other plastics used on traditional mice. Other features include:

  • AnthroDesk’s Vertical mice help reduce strain on your arm and wrist.
  • Its DPI button allows for 1000-1600-2400-3200 DPI configurations
  • LED Light indicator changes colour depending on your selected DPI


Wireless Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

Did you know? A vertical mouse causes less strain on your wrist and arm. Because of its wireless technology, keep your desk space clean and free from clutter, no more cords or cables. It also includes a long-lasting rechargeable battery; thus, there’s no more switching out those AA batteries. The following are the features that make it more interesting:

#1 SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN: Studies show that a vertical mouse causes less strain on your wrist and arm

#2 NATURAL: Your arm is not meant to be twisted in a horizontal position (try putting your hands by your sides and raise them slowly - that is the natural position for your hands!)

#3 WIRELESS: No more cords or cables, keep your desk space clean and organized

#4 RECHARGEABLE: No more switching out those AA batteries, long-lasting rechargeable battery included


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