What Is The Best LED Desk Lamp?

Offices and households are getting practical these days. They have options to choose appliances that are eco-friendly and cost-efficient; good for the environment and good for your pocket. Lighting contributes as high as 30% of the household’s total electric bill and using LED lights provide significant savings over traditional incandescent bulbs.

Replacing inefficient light bulbs with energy efficient and cost-effective LED lights, such as the AnthroDesk LED desk lamp, will contribute to lower electricity bills and s smaller carbon footprint. LED lights have a variety of colours, last longer than ordinary light bulbs, are more compact, and save more energy. These features of an LED makes it a great candidate for special effect lightings.

An LED light can contain a number of colours, usually red, green and blue within a single bulb. Different colour variations can be achieved by adjusting the saturation of individual colour. One of the forms of available lighting that are considered efficient is LED lamps. Did you know that LED desk lamps use only up to 15% of the electricity that a regular incandescent lamp uses? And savings on lighting bills can be as high as 90%? No other lighting is as efficient. Traditional lights such as downlights, reflector lamps, and fluorescent lamps can all be replaced by LED lights. This change can bring savings in electricity, energy, and cost.

Since LED lights are energy efficient, it is now commonly used in commercial, industrial, and residential/domestic lighting.


In buying LED desk lamps, consumers must take note of the following:

  • Look at LED bulb or fixture and check how many lumens they produced, not how many watts they use (this does not always translate into more light). The higher the lumens, the greater the light it produced.
  • Choose an LED fixture with built-in LEDs whose colour temperature is below 2900k (it looks better in most situations)
  • Buy LED Desk Lamps with dimmers, which saves more energy.
  • Check for flexibility. The base of the LED desk lamp must be multi-directional to allow the perfect position desired by the user.
  • The additional bonus feature is if the company provides money back guaranteed and enough time warranty.
  • Some people hire stylists and interior decorators to ensure the design of an office or house is pleasing, engaging, and budget friendly. Adding a character and functional design to the workspace is easily done just by adding modern pieces such as LED desk lamps.

One trend on the rise is the introduction of cost-efficient, energy saving desk lamps like the AnthroDesk LED Desk Lamps. They have touch sensitive base controls for three different brightness levels meaning it has a dimmer which saves more energy. It also has USB- port for charging phone and tablet. The light produced from LED glows in a steady manner thus it protects the eyes and lowers stress.


LED desk lamps use only 15% of electricity and savings on lighting bills can go as high as 90%. This feature makes it an efficient alternative to lighting. Isn't it time you said goodbye to your traditional incandescent or fluorescent light? A natural efficient light can actually look good on your standing desk. With the AnthroDesk dimmable LED desk lamp, you will save money since it is up to 90% more efficient in lighting.

No more rushing around and searching to find a replacement bulb anytime soon. LED bulbs have a minimum 40,000-hour lifespan, and if your desk lamp use is average, that is 15 years! The AnthroDesk dimmable LED desk lamp is eco-friendly and with no harmful substances such as mercury. Another best feature is it comes with a 24-month warranty and 30-day money back guaranty.