Using a Vertical Mouse: Tips and Benefits You Should Know

A mouse is an essential accessory in the workplace when your job requires using a computer. It should be an item that will bring comfort and ease to the user. There have been various types of mouse that have been introduced and are now being used in workplaces. It seems to be a little accessory, yet it can bring massive effect to comfort and convenience to people whose jobs are inclined in typing, encoding, gaming, graphic arts, and others.  


The Wonders of Applying Office Ergonomics

Ergonomics plays an integral role in how employees become productive and efficient in performing their jobs. The equipment and tools we use play a vital role in achieving the success of every company. Ergonomic experts have revealed the wonders of having an ergonomically-designed workplace. It provides various benefits to workers as well as to the whole company. Although there are multitude of products that are available nowadays, we still need to be cautious in choosing the best items to add in our workplace.

Listed below are some of those fantastic benefits:


#1 Ergonomics promote a safe culture in the workplace

A company that is committed to safety and health will invest in ergonomics. These should be a core value in every company to develop a stronger work relationship and a work culture that is conducive for every employee. Employers should remember that people are the most critical asset in the company; that is why it is necessary to keep them safe and healthy in the workplace.

#2 Ergonomics improves the work quality

When office ergonomics are not appropriately implemented, people can become uncomfortable and fail to achieve productive results. They can miss vital details in performing their jobs. The most effective way to keep your employees working on their best is to apply office ergonomics. Proper work ergonomics will aid the employees to do their best and work comfortably.

#3 Proper ergonomics helps reduce costs

When companies invest in proper ergonomic strategies, they can help in reducing risk factors such as health issues. When employees are acquiring problems due to poor posture or an unhealthy working environment, absenteeism can increase. Use ergonomic chairs and equipment to ensure better working conditions.

#4 Ergonomics boosts the level of productivity

Office ergonomics aids in boosting the level of productivity among workers. A workspace must be designed to help promote good posture. When employees can work efficiently, they will develop a higher level of productivity at work.

Mayo Clinic published a guide to office ergonomics that will contribute to having a comfortable workspace.


What is a Vertical Mouse?

A vertical mouse is developed ergonomically to aid workers in doing jobs that require using it. With a vertical mouse, you can avoid twisting your wrist, just like what happens when using a regular mouse. Remember that any twisting of the wrist for long hours can compress the median nerve, and may lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. Experts defined carpal tunnel syndrome as a condition where tingling, pain, and numbness can be experienced.

The Risks of Not Using an Ergonomic Mouse

People who are not using an ergonomic mouse can experience the risks of having health issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome, discomfort, aches, pains, repetitive strain injuries, and other musculoskeletal problems. These can be eliminated by choosing the proper mouse, such as an ergonomic vertical mouse.


Benefits of Using a Vertical Mouse

Using a mouse too often can be hazardous, according to experts. This is because the small muscles can be overworked and tired due to the movements of thumb, fingers, and hands while scrolling and clicking with the mouse. The following are some of the common effects when a regular mouse is used instead of a vertical mouse:

- Tingling and numbness of the index finger and thumb

- Pain experienced on the top of the hand

- Stiffness and burning feeling on arms and hands

- Acquiring painful nodules, cysts on the joints and tendons

- Soreness and aches around the wrists

- Pains and soreness on the elbow and forearm


Some of the primary benefits of choosing to use a vertical mouse include the following:

- Reducing computer-related stress

When using a mouse, the arm and wrist are in a neutral position, thus providing better comfort at work. That is why it is necessary to keep the forearm and wrist in a neutral position to lessen muscle use.


- Decreasing the overall muscle use

When you position your arm vertically, pronation is reduced, which decreases muscle strain in the arm. Using a vertical mouse can help in reducing that strain as compared to utilizing a regular mouse.


- Lowering the risks of injury

Since a vertical mouse promotes the right orientation of the arm is achieved. Also, using a vertical mouse decreases the muscle activities in the arm. As a result, this also reduces the risk of injuries and conditions such as musculoskeletal disorders or MSDs. Included in MSDs are tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendon strains, rheumatoid arthritis, and muscle strains.


How to Properly Use a Vertical Mouse

The type and shape of the mouse can help guide your wrist and arms to use it properly. Consider the following tips when using a vertical mouse.

- Ensure that all fingers are relaxed when using the mouse

- Avoid rotating your wrist counterclockwise, which can lead to having carpal tunnel syndrome and other conditions related to musculoskeletal disorders

- Make sure to allow to have a little pressure on the underside of the wrist

- It is also crucial to put the weight of your hand on the side of the pinky finger

To find out more about the various helpful features a vertical mouse should have, check here.

Final Thoughts

Ergonomic accessories must also be included in the workplace. Jobs that require typing, encoding, and designing can be overwhelming and bring discomfort to the users. Using a vertical mouse can aid in working efficiently and achieve a high-end quality of work. Learn the best way to use a vertical mouse at your work. This is a part of the proper ergonomics at work. Remember that good ergonomics will always compose factors such as quality tools and adequate knowledge on how to use them correctly.