Top Work from Home Jobs this 2021 (and how to excel in them)

Here comes 2021! It’s another year of hope, plans, and challenges. However, the world today offers various changes and adjustments to how we live our lives. The new norm of living can be challenging at first, but we must all adapt to survive. When it comes to work, there have been new protocols implemented to ensure safety and good health. Working from home has been a new trend, and it is now helping more and more people successfully build successful careers in the comfort of their homes. If you’re one of those who are still looking for a job or planning a career switch, then here are the top work from home jobs this 2021.

Learning and Earning: Working with Today’ Trends and Innovations

Various exciting and interesting jobs are available today. Not only because they can be done on your own schedule, but also because they pay higher compared to other jobs. The tasks on these jobs are not always monotonous, making them ideal for creating a satisfying work experience. CNBC published an article, “15 Hottest Careers for Freelancers in 2021”, that showcased the hottest categories of freelance job listings, as compiled by Flexjobs. Included in the list are Computer & IT, Administrative, Accounting & Finance, Healthcare, Project Management, Education & Training, Customer Service, Writing & Editing, Mortgage & Real Estate, HR & Recruiting, Data Entry, Therapy, Graphic Design, Marketing, and Bookkeeping.

To give you an insight of what jobs you can apply for to start building your professional career while at home this 2021, we’ve compiled some of them below:

#1 Web Developer

The online world today offers an infinite opportunity for people to give and receive services. Transactions are mostly done online from selling, purchasing, enrolling, and even learning. To make all the processes effectively working, a website is necessary. Web developers are the ones responsible for creating compelling and user-friendly websites. They also build web-based applications as well as software to improve the company’s service to customers. If you are knowledgeable or proficient in programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and have an eye for design, then you can be a web developer.

 #2 System Administrator

Companies, big or small, need to have system administrators to keep an eye on the processes such as installation, upgrades, acquisition, and maintenance of their computer systems. A system admin must have an excellent understanding of remote technologies to ensure that all team members working remotely are having an efficient operation, seamless communication, and proper task delegation.

#3 Software Engineer

Software engineers are professionals responsible for designing and building software and computer systems. It is actually a high-paying job, and you can do it in a home office. If you’re interested in working as a software engineer, you must be knowledgeable of computer programming and coding.

#4 Digital Marketing Specialist

A smart digital marketing expert is needed to make an online product or service visible to the target market. He/she must be well-rounded in the various online marketing strategies such as paid ads, SEO, video marketing, content marketing, influence marketing, and more. If you’re interested in this job role, you must be vigilant in using online marketing tools for competitor analysis, website analysis, and business opportunities.

#5 Social Media Specialists

Social media presence is highly vital for online businesses nowadays. This is because a lot of people are using different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and more. This is why social media specialists are in high demand nowadays. Suppose you’re interested in working as a social media expert. In that case, you should create social media content, schedule or publish them to reach the target audience, and build engagement with them. You should also keep yourself updated with social media trends.

#6 Project Managers

Managing a remote team can be challenging, especially if many members are working on different job designations. Without proper management, the team will be in chaos, and the tasks will not be completed properly. This is where project managers play an important role. They oversee all the team members’ assignments, progress, and work results. They should be able to communicate with them effectively, so future issues are alleviated.

#7 Copywriters and Proofreaders

Quality content is the heart of every marketing effort. And when it comes to content creation, copywriters, editors, and proofreaders are highly needed. If you have the skill and talent to weave words into powerful and persuasive marketing content, then you will have a great work opportunity. Some clients will pay you on an hourly basis or per article that you’ve completed.

#8 Data Entry Specialists and Transcriptionists

There are times when documents and other files are needed to be converted into text. Also, data and other details must be compiled and recorded for companies. These tasks require the expertise of data entry specialists or transcriptionists. The job may sound too simple and easy, but your accuracy level should be average to excellent to get the job.

#9 Online Tutors

Since businesses and classes are mostly done online nowadays, there is a high demand for online tutors. One example is the need for online English teachers for students who want to learn English as their second language. You need to have proficient verbal and written English skills, a passion for teaching, and the equipment to perform the job effectively.

#10 Customer Service Specialists

Every online business offering a product or service should have reliable customer service specialists. They are the ones behind the successful communicating and transacting with customers. Their main job is to answer queries from the customers. They should also be fully aware of the product or service they are offering to people so that they can provide the right information.

You can also create your own website where you can share tips and experiences with your target readers. That is blogging, which is both interesting and challenging. You can earn from your blog when through advertisements displayed on your website.

Another way is through vlogging. You can start your Youtube channel and optimize it for your viewers. All you have to do is create high-quality videos with original and informative content that your followers will love.

There are three significant ways on how you can find the best work from home job for you. First, you need to evaluate your skills, passion, and work experience. Second, you have to look for the best platform where you will apply for a job. Nowadays, there are many websites offering jobs that you can do anywhere, anytime. And lastly, prepare a professional resume and your portfolio. Of course, be ready for interviews and follow-ups.

Tips on How to Excel in Your Work from Home Jobs

When you land on your dream work from home, it is vital that you always keep motivated and inspired to do better. Always aim to excel and be more productive.

Here are some tips you can follow:

#1 Love your job, and don’t stop learning. Remember that some people are not lucky enough to still have a job during these difficult times. So, when you find a job that you know you can excel in, do not waste that opportunity. Instead, be grateful and open yourself to new channels of learning to become better.

#2 Have an organized and ergonomic workstation. Working from home or remotely is not an excuse not to invest in a workspace where you can work productively and comfortably. Make sure not to sit for long hours by using standing desks over a traditional work desk. An ergonomic chair can also be a big help. You should also consider using a desk converter and an ergonomic mouse to better work experience this 2021.

#3 Stay healthy. With the health challenges that we’ve faced in the previous year, it is crucial that we prioritize our overall well-being. Keep good health habits and get rid of the bad ones. Motivate yourself to be more cautious in taking care of your physical, emotional, and mental health.

#4 Be a team-player. Since you are working remotely, there is a possibility to have communication gaps and task delegation issues. You should be a team-player; do not hesitate to ask questions and share your insights.

 #5 Befriend technology. Never underestimate what technology and other innovative tools can provide. Utilize them properly, and you’ll thank them for making your tasks much easier.


Final Thoughts

Working from home becomes more interesting this 2021. This is because, despite the new normal’s precautions and new guidelines, a lot of interesting and high-paying jobs are now available. Make sure to follow the tips mentioned to excel on any work from home job you have chosen.