Top 7 Benefits of Standing Desks for College Students

College life is undeniably an exciting stage of life for most of us. It’s when we make amazing experiences in school and even in our personal lives. This is also the time we prepare for the professional career we want to pursue. However, college life can also be challenging because of the many activities-both academic and co-curricular- to be performed and accomplished.

This is why it is important always to give attention to the health of the students, so they will be able to study well and complete the necessary tasks at school. It’s great to know that equipment such as standing desks can help students nowadays. They are utilized not only to promote physical health but also to keep them focused and energized at work.

According to some sources, sitting less and moving more in the classroom can aid the students to avoid being sedentary and promote mental health. There have also been studies that show improved collaboration and engagement inside the classroom, as well as having an increase in their test score results.


Benefits of Standing Desks for College Students

Standing desks are not only used by office workers; they are also provided to college students to help them learn better. Here are some of the known benefits of standing desks for college students. 

#1 Promotes better health. The long hours of classes require the students to sit down and attend learnings and discussions. They also work in laboratories doing some experiments and attend seminars to enhance their social and educational skills. This is why students are prone to living a sedentary lifestyle. Being inactive can turn into habits that may affect their lives. Since our bodies are engineered to move and not to become stagnant, we should aim to develop the habits of becoming active and move to stay healthy.

Encouraging students to stand up in class can be an excellent way to promote better health. One way to do that is to use standing desks in their classrooms. There are universities nowadays whose teachers and students are using height-adjustable standing desks. They reported that they have a more enjoyable and productive learning experience while using this equipment. Students become more active since movements are included in their daily activities in a natural way. Because students can stand or sit while in their classes, they can avoid the possible risks of a sedentary lifestyle. This leads them to promote a healthy lifestyle and habits.

#2 Helps in cognitive abilities. A research conducted by Mayo Clinic, as well as reports from educational institutions, shows that standing allows students to improve their energy and focus during classes. Using standing desks make students more alert and reduce the instances of having behaviour problems while studying. Stand up learning has also been found to aid in improving cognitive abilities. Another compelling benefit that is linked to stand-up learning is improved behaviour and learning skills for students who have ADHD.

#3 Aids to have healthier hearts. Although standing at classes can promote movements; still, it can’t be replaced by the traditional exercises. However, standing desks can even contribute to an active environment. Some studies reveal that standing periodically in a day is equivalent to walking five miles in a week. This can be a good exercise that is perfect for the heart.

#4 Improves mental health. Studies have found out that some students suffer from anxiety, depression, sadness, and low self-esteem, causing them to have a lower interest in studying. They get lower grades and their social skills in school are affected negatively. Standing up can help to decrease the intensity of these issues. Physical activity promotes blood circulation which aids in releasing certain chemicals in the brain, which results in an improved mood and boosted self-esteem. Standing also decreases stress and lowers anxiety; thus, using standing desks can be an effective way to improve the mental health of the students.

#5 Increases focus. Standing up has been known to be an effective way to enhance memory and focus. Studies showed that using standing desks in the classroom could also improve cognitive skills and result in good test scores. With their use, students feel more energized and alert while they stand during their classes. A link has been found between using standing desks and getting better grades. The use of standing desks helps in reducing distractions and developing a better learning environment because they provide comfort and help students think more clearly to concentrate on the activities at hand.

#6 Reduces back pain. Standing desks can also aid in reducing back pain, as well as other kinds of pain commonly experienced by college students. Since poor posture is often a cause of chronic pain, using a standing desk can be a great help. They help avoid putting a strain on the joints and bones of the students while seated.

#7 Helps reduce the overweight rate and other weight issues. Weight problems, such as obesity, are also linked to sedentary lifestyles. Using standing desks help students and teachers to prevent the bad effects of these unhealthy trends. Some studies revealed that a standing desk could help in promoting slow movements, which help in burning calories by 17-35% as compared to sitting. Standing is also related to achieving a lower BMI, which is used by medical experts to determine a person’s possible risk of having diabetes, heart diseases, and metabolic syndrome,

Standing is also associated with a lower BMI, the tool used by health professionals to determine a person’s risk of heart disease, diabetes, and metabolic problems.


Final Thoughts

Encouraging a comfortable and collaborative classroom for college students can help the students achieve their work completed and improve their social skills. This also helps in developing creativity and freedom to learn in an environment that supports their learning needs. An ergonomic and comfortable classroom can have a great impact on the learning behaviours and the career they will pursue after college.

Anthrodesk offers various types of standing desks and desk converters that can help students to experience an improved learning environment. A simple change in the classroom environment, such as adding ergonomic equipment, can impact the students’ learning lifestyles and behaviours.