Top 10 Work Habits You Should Start Avoiding Right Now

Being successful in a job requires discipline, time, skills, and good working habits. No task is big or small when you are well-motivated to do it. One reason why some workers fail to create a successful professional career is poor work habits. These habits may hinder them from becoming productive and efficient at work. If you find it hard to achieve successful work goals, it's time to find out those work habits and avoid them.


10 Work Habits you Must Start Eliminating Today

Let's admit it. There are times we lack that motivation to do our best in our job. You wake up in the morning, like your daily routine, and then realize it hard to get yourself ready for the day's tasks. Or, you may have started the day full of zest but later allowed it to vanish in the workplace. Avoid the following work habits now to ensure you keep on creating better work results.


#1 Procrastinating 

Procrastinating is one of the major and common foes of workers nowadays. When you keep on telling yourself that you will do a task tomorrow, even if you can do it today, you are creating bigger problems. It's tempting to put off tasks until tomorrow, hoping you can still finish them on time. However, such a habit leads to bigger problems. You may end up having accumulated tasks. You will rush things to meet deadlines, and the results can be frustrating. 

This is the time to start anew. Ditch the habit of procrastinating. Instead of overthinking or disregarding your deadlines, become proactive, and plan ahead. As much as possible, do your tasks in advance. Identify what needs to be prioritized and start working on them at the soonest possible time. This will not only allow you to have some extra time to rest, but it will also let you have a chance to make some tweaks or improvements.

#2 Too much complaining

 Yes, there can be hard times at work when tasks seem to be overwhelming. There are days when your computer may stop working, or your Internet connection is too slow. Complaining during these instances is normal. However, avoid complaining too much and too often. Instead of complaining about things on your end, why not start doing something to solve the problem? Complaining will only stress you out and may lower your enthusiasm to work better. Stop complaining a lot; find ways on how to take action instead.

#3 Not delegating tasks

There is really nothing wrong with asking for assistance from others, especially if that can improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Even the best jack-of-all-trades workers ask for help from their team members. Avoid forcing yourself to "do it all." Delegate tasks to make sure that they are done correctly. Managers should be very keen on understanding the skills and expertise of their workers. In that way, they can easily assign jobs or tasks to the right employees.

If you're working at home and find it challenging to juggle between the job and household chores, that can be an issue as well. Delegate tasks to other members of the household. This will lessen your burden of working on both the tasks at work and home.

#4 Skipping your meals

A healthy meal will make you ready for any tasks at work. If you are used to skipping meals during the day, then this is the time to change that habit. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, according to medical experts. This gives you the energy to work and perform other duties the whole day. One problem that most workers experience nowadays is the challenge of having a complete meal during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They tend to choose easy-to-prepare packed foods, not knowing that they are not getting the proper nutrition they need to survive. Skipping your meal is a bad habit that can lead to detrimental effects on your health. Whether you're working in an office company or at home, you need to make sure to include a time to enjoy your food. A 30-minute to 1-hour break should be scheduled for lunch. It is also advisable not to eat on your desk. This habit is unhealthy. This is because you may not chew the food properly that may lead to indigestion. Not only that but eating on your desk can also contribute to a sedentary lifestyle. It is necessary that you take a break, stand up, or take a walk outside. This will make you more active and refresh your mind.

#5 Keeping an uncomfortable working space

Are you still getting some backaches and neck pains after your work shift? Aside from stress, this can also be due to a poor working setup. It's time to do a decluttering or renovation to your working space. Make sure to apply proper ergonomics. Consider adding ergonomic equipment and accessories. It's time to ditch the bad effects of a sedentary lifestyle. 

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Ergonomic Chair

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Other Ergonomic Accessories

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#6 Disregarding work-life balance

No person would want to drown himself from work and then end up getting sick and not enjoying life's adventures. Working hard is fine, but there should also be a balance between work and personal matters. Create a healthy work-life balance to make sure that you will keep yourself healthy in all aspects - physically, mentally, and emotionally. Having the freedom to spend quality time for yourself and with your loved ones can help you become more motivated at work.

#7 Being lazy to improve your knowledge and skills

 Some people say that they already know enough and that they don't need to learn more. They make themselves believe that they are already satisfied with their skills and capabilities. This mentality should be improved. Make it a habit to acquire new knowledge and skills. Online platforms are offering free courses for various competencies. Let your mind absorb new ideas, new information that you can use to make progress at work. Stop being lazy about creating new opportunities in life. Welcome them and always challenge yourself to do more.

#8 Being late at work 

How many times have you been late at work? Sometimes, even those who are already working at home- who do not need to commute- still start their work late. Remember that time is precious, and everything you'll do must compensate for every minute. Value time and respect the schedule set by your employers. Put in mind that tardiness and absences can put the whole company at risk. There can be work left undone or work results that are of poor quality. Always make it a habit to be prompt when it comes to coming to your work. Be 20-30 minutes early during meetings and interviews.

#9 Not managing distractions

Social media plays a significant role in today's society. They provide various benefits in communication, collaboration, and engagement. However, these platforms, when not used properly, can cause significant issues. They can be a hindrance to your dream job. Avoid checking your phone and browsing personal accounts too often. Turn off your cell phone's notification for emails and social media. Learn how to manage distractions to make the most of your working hours.

 #10 Being pessimistic

Thinking negatively should be avoided this 2021. Being pessimistic could lead to even bigger problems. Start your day with a happy heart. Smile and laugh. Always choose to stay optimistic, no matter how overwhelming the tasks are. Make sure that you create improved and better work habits nowadays.

Sometimes, it is not easy to create new habits, especially at work. However, we should remember that if we truly want to stay motivated and on top of the game, we need to start anew. Consider the tips mentioned above, and you'll be creating massive success.