Top 10 Reasons Why Standing Desks Are a Must-Have for Freelancers

Freelancing has taken the world by storm; however, there are some things that we need to keep in mind. Working remotely has helped various business people and entrepreneurs achieve their goals. 

Described as self-employed individuals, freelancers render services for multiple clients. They are independent contractors who manage their own time and schedules, thus having a flexible work and lifestyle. 

One of the main perks of working as a freelancer is having the freedom to choose the time and job fit for their skills and knowledge. Not only that but with the help of freelancing, it will be easier to work on what they are passionate about.


What Are The Common Tasks Done By Freelancers? 

You might be asking: what do freelancers usually do? Freelancers can work on various range of jobs such as the following:

  • Article writing;
  • Blogging;
  • Customer service;
  • Website developing;
  • Voice Acting;
  • Bookkeeping;
  • Graphic designing;
  • Photography;
  • Marketing;
  • Social Media Marketing;
  • Digital Advertising
  • Data Entry;
  • Encoding;
  • Transcribing;
  • Other strategies to promote products and services online. 


Why Do Freelancers Need Standing Desks?

Freelancers generally spent a lot of their time working in front of computers. Also, they are often spending more hours sitting because of the nature of their jobs. 

The extreme amount of stagnant sitting is an unhealthy habit that can lead to back pain and other health issues when not given proper attention.

Nowadays, recent innovations and breakthroughs can assist us in our jobs. A motorized standing desk is an excellent example of this.  A standing desk is created to allow a person to stand up comfortably while working (and press a button to sit when they want to).

The following are the main reasons why standing desks are a must for freelancers: 


#1 A standing desk aids in improving posture

Sitting is said to be one of the causes of bad posture. That’s why standing helps in promoting good posture, especially for individuals who are in the workplace. If your working hours are spent mostly sitting, you may be prone to slouching and hunching. 

A standing desk can help you prevent that. It is also advisable to have your computer screen at eye level, which is easily manageable with a standing desk. Standing also helps improve your body’s core strength, leading to an overall better posture and less likelihood of injury. 


#2 A standing desk can help reduce neck and back pain

Since a proper posture aids in reducing back pain, an upright or standing desk can support that. It is great to have standing desks in the office to use it and experience the benefits it can bring. This can help in reducing neck and back pain, usually acquired during long hours of sitting. 


#3 Standing desks can prevent weight gain and lower the risk of obesity

Experts have found that sitting for long hours can cause weight gain and may even lead to obesity. Enzymes in our body, which absorb fat, do not circulate appropriately. That is why exercising must be done to counter the effect. 

However, some individuals in the workplace do not have the time to do exercises. They may be too overwhelmed by their work, deadlines, projects, and other tasks. Standing helps a lot because that is an effective way to stimulate blood circulation and fat-absorbing enzymes.


#4 A standing desk helps in lowering the risk of heart diseases

Studies revealed that prolonged sitting increases the risk of having heart diseases up by 147%. This is because extended sitting leads to poor circulation in the body, and good circulation is vital for heart health.

Freelancers must learn how to stand from time to time to avoid putting their health at risk. The better way to do that is to use a standing desk. They will be worry-free since this desk can benefit them and helps promote better productivity


#5 A standing desk can boost energy levels

Freelancers may feel tired and fatigued, and some may think that standing can add more discomfort. But the fact is, this can make you feel more energized. A standing desk contributes to how you increase your zest each day and become more productive. 

This equipment lets you have an improved flow of blood. Good blood circulation is responsible for transporting more oxygen to the muscles, making you feel more active and energetic.


#6 Using standing desks can help lower cancer risks

Some research works reveal that sitting can also lead to a higher risk of various types of cancer. This may be because movements help boost antioxidants. Antioxidants are responsible for combating free radicals that cause disease.

Office workers who sit for more than 6 hours are more prone to having cancer. It’s great to know that a standing desk can help solve this issue. Of course, walking, stretching, and other forms of exercise can lower cancer risks. 


#7 A standing desk can help normalize sugar levels

You may have already heard that it’s not good to sit down after having a meal. This is because the body produces high levels of insulin in a sitting position.

On the other hand, insulin processes glucose more effectively in a standing position.


#8 Standing desks aid in improving mood throughout the day

Freelancers can benefit from having an improved mood, especially when working with the help of standing desks. Standing helps in effectively releasing endorphins, the hormone which is responsible for the euphoric feeling. 

Although the effects of standing do not compare to the number of endorphins produced by more physical activities such as exercise, it can still promote a better mood state. 


#9 A standing desk boosts productivity

When an individual is in a good mood and has a high energy level, it will produce more results from the work effort. A freelancer can be more motivated to accomplish tasks leading to a more productive day. Besides, an upright or standing desk can help avoid distractions and prevent wasting time and effort. 


#10 Freelancers will enjoy using a standing desk since it is adjustable

There are various advantages a standing desk can bring to freelancers. It is more convenient to use since it is adjustable.  This is helpful because you won’t be confined to a fixed position, especially if your work requires moving around. 



Using a standing desk does not only help in preventing health issues but can also help you accomplish professional goals with more convenience and efficiency. If you have ever worked in a nine-to-five job, you know that you do what you have. 

Most employers are not interested or do not have the budget to invest in high-end furniture like standing desks or ergonomic accessories such as keyboards, mice, or anti-fatigue mats. 

So, as a freelancer, you have the luxury of investing in an ergonomic office, especially when you find yourself working for hours on end to meet your deadlines. 

This is not to say that these accessories are incredibly cheap, they are not. But fortunately, there are many discounts online, and we also have generous discounts on our desks and accessories. 

Once you start investing in a good standing desk and a chair you will find yourself more productive and efficient because you will feel more comfortable, and when you are comfortable there is no room for distractions, pains, and aches.