5 Tips to Foster Creativity in Your Small Office/Home Office

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” – Aristotle

Workers do not just exist in the corporate office, they can also be found at home. Commonly referred to as teleworkers or small office/home office (SOHO) workers. If you are part of this latest trend, then you must be familiar with the struggle of keeping your SOHO a fantastic area that promotes a healthier environment to work in. Your SOHO must also cater to your creativity and productivity needs. How do you start?

The Power of Creativity at the Workplace 

Applying creativity in the workplace can bring a lot of benefits to the organization. The following are some of them:

  • Creativity promotes better solution for problem-solving
  • Creativity increases the trust of employees in their employers, and vice versa
  • Creativity reduces expenses for more creative output
  • Creativity allows employees to be more inspired and motivated
  • Creativity can also help decrease stress in the workplace
  • Creativity can enhance teamwork and collaboration
  • Creativity also helps promote balance between work and personal life

Clearly, creativity can boost an employee’s effort and drive to unleash their full potential. This can bring massive benefits to the company.


Tips to Effectively Promote Creativity in the Workplace

If you think being creative in the workplace can be challenging, then you should check the tips below:


Productivity is a big issue when working at home; it may be a challenge that needs to be addressed from the start. For starters, make sure you do not procrastinate. To ensure that creativity continues to flow in an unlimited manner, it is recommended that you invest in a sit-stand workstation. However, be sure you are using your standing desk properly to optimize its benefits. You must follow proper height adjustments and maintain your posture when standing. Working within the comforts of your home is not a license to sit all day, living sedentary while you go about computer-related work. You should always consider putting your health as your primary concern.

Standing while working can actually help you lose weight, activate your brain with improved blood circulation, and increase your focus. Too much sitting tends to have adverse effects on your health including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and colon cancer. This is the reason why you must have a sit-stand workstation. It gives you the option (and ability) to work in positions that are comfortable to you, whenever it suits you. It is highly recommended you choose a standing desk that makes the shift from sitting to standing smooth and easy. Stand up more and sit less (no excuses now!). If you prefer to customize your desk you can choose among our Manual Crank Desk with Table Top Options, Programmable Single Motor Electric Standing Desk, and Programmable Dual Motor Electric Standing Desks.


Even when your office is at home, make it a habit to create a clutter-free desk. Create a daily routine of cleaning your desk after your working hours. Staying at home to work means you only change location but not your time in and time out when regularly working in the office. Time management must be implemented at this time when nobody is around to supervise your work.

Try to avoid all roadblocks: TV (goodbye), beloved book/novel, social media (unless you need it for work), or food (eat only on schedule). Your desk or your standing desk must be free from files, books, and decors that you can work without. This is to help you focus and you will not end up reading your files, your magazines, or gazing and tinkering on what is top of your standing desk. This practice will increase your productivity rate - I’m sure of that. 


Is your workspace well-lighted? Good lighting allows you to see your work properly, saves your eyesight, and gives you directions on what to look for since you can see everything clearly. Poor lighting, on the other hand, makes you feel lethargic and sleepy. Stand to work next to a window since natural light is better - let your SOHO be the extension of the backyard where the sunlight shines freely. The benefit of sunlight according to a study includes having your daily dose of vitamin D which is essential to your bone health.

Exposure to sunlight will also release a special hormone called "serotonin" that increases your focus and concentration. This, in turn, helps you produce quality output. You can also use a LED desk lamp for bright light. A study shows that you can also increase your serotonin by exposing yourself to bright light. The benefits of using a LED desk lamp includes efficiency, safety, and environmentally friendly. Look for a LED desk light that allows you to adjust the intensity of light that you need while working at your standing desk.


Working from home only means you are constantly online and you need to secure your files from email phishing, identity theft, and the dreaded internet viruses. Buy the premium services or software that you think you need. Sometimes free subscription is not enough. Get rid of your non-functioning gadgets and upgrade to the latest devices and make informed choices when buying your laptop, monitor, and other gadgets.

If possible use gadgets that are in excellent condition, work well and are suited to your needs. You do not want to be caught in the early morning hours with a dead laptop or monitor while you have a deadline approaching. Open an online account where you can upload and download files - Google is a good start. You can have Evernote, PDFescape, and Doxie Flip scanner and store your files online. 


Working from home may allow you to work in your pyjamas but I suggest not doing it. Set the right tone, dress like your are in a regular office and your room is next to your boss and you will feel the urgency to finish one task or goal a day (ok, working in your pyjamas every now and then while at home is okay, but just don't tell your boss about it!).