Tips for Working at Home: How to Improve Your Time Management Skills

It takes practice and consistency to improve time management skills. Indeed, it can be challenging to master, especially if there are a lot of distractions around us. Especially if you’re working at home, there can be different factors that may affect your productivity level. That is why it is vital to be aware of the different valuable tips for working at home. One of the essential skills that every home-based worker should understand is improving their time management skill.


Helpful Tips for Working at Home to Improve Time Management Skills

Establishing organized and effective management of time and schedule can sometimes be challenging. But, it would help if you never got discouraged. Here are some helpful tips to make sure that your time will be spent wisely and appropriately on the most critical tasks.


#1 Start your day with a to-do list

A warrior who has a plan and weapon will be defeated in the battle. That is true, and that applies as well for every working individual. If you just start your day with no specific list of tasks to guide you, your time will be wasted. That is why it is important to create a to-do list that will serve as your reference on what needs to be prioritized and which ones are to be done last. Also, it’s easier to start the day with a ‘blueprint.’ And you will see how gratifying it is to cross out an item that you have successfully completed.

You can also use a planner or a notebook with all your plans and weekly goals. Having those goals will get you motivated to do more and strive better to accomplish each goal.

It is imperative to know that time management begins with scheduling. If you’re working at home, you must schedule your work hours in advance. Let your family members be aware of your work schedule, so they will not distract you during that time.

#2 Beat procrastination

Procrastination is one of the common hurdles that can negatively affect someone’s productivity level. When you engage with procrastinating, then it can lead to wasting your essential energy and energy. Put in mind that tasks should be done in accordance with how they are planned. Make sure that you follow the plan and not waste time, energy, and other resources.


#3 Avoid turning on your TV

One thing that you should not forget when working at home is to avoid turning on the TV. You can watch the news and other shows before working or after your job schedule. However, this should not be done while working. You will just only get distracted and will fail to focus on the tasks.

#4 Deal with stress the right way

One reason why we stress too much at work is that we accept more tasks than what we are only capable of achieving. This will only lead us to feel exhausted and affect the quality of work we render. However, there are some productive ways on how to handle stress wisely:

- Taking breaks and going outside

- Perform exercises

- Practice meditation

- Have a conversation with a friend

- Spend quality time on your hobby

- Listen to music or a motivational podcast

Stress can sometimes be unavoidable. However, it can be appropriately managed so that it will not significantly affect your performance at work.

#5 Set a timer

Setting a timer can also be a big help. When you have a list of tasks at hand, you must ensure that they are completed with efficiency. Before getting started, calculate how much time you are planning to spend on each task. Set a timer when you actually work on this. Do not be conscious about the watch counting down; what you need to think is how you should be motivated to perform more efficiently.

#6 Reward yourself

Every accomplishment- whether big or small- deserves to be recognized and rewarded. Rewarding yourself in little ways can help boost your morale and become more inspired to do better. A reward for yourself doesn’t need to be massive; anything that can make you smile and strive to do better is already fine.


#7 Multitask appropriately

According to some experts, time management when working at home also entails some multitasking. It is vital to learn that multitasking can be advantageous when done correctly. There can be various tasks that should be done at home. Know how to and when to multitask; this is the way to achieve harmony in your work and personal life.

#8 Use tools appropriately

Some various tools and programs can be used by home-based works to promote effective communication and task delegation. There are those which you can use for interacting with your team members and employers. You should be knowledgeable in using Skype, Zoom, Slack, Gmail and other platforms. There are also tools used for scheduling and time tracking, so make sure to take advantage of their features and benefits. Sending emails can also be automated using software and tools. Make technology your friend and get updated with innovations that can aid in making your job more efficient.

#9  Set boundaries

Another way to work harmoniously is to inform your family members about the nature of your job. Set some boundaries on how they should behave during your work hours. You may have virtual meetings with your colleagues, and kids or other family members running around can cause distraction. You should inform your family about the following:

- Which specific hours you should not be disturbed

- What instances can be called as an “emergency.”

- When you are free to spend time with them or receive calls from your family and friends

#10 Be motivated to take action every day

No matter how good your plan and to-do list are, it will mean nothing if you’re not motivated to take action. Of course, there should be consistency in doing your part. Do not let the passion inside you vanish. Keep on learning. There will be moments that you will fail, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop. Embrace failures and learn from them instead. In case the first time your to-do list didn’t work, then evaluate what went wrong and try to fix what needs to be changed.

Time management can sometimes be challenging for some individuals, especially those who are working at home. Yet, no matter how difficult it can be, establishing excellent time management skills is still possible, and of course, rewarding.