These Morning Routines Can Make Your Day More Productive

As it seems, high productivity no longer seems to be a permanent state or mindset you assume or “become”. If you have been struggling with productivity almost every week, every month, and every year, this might somehow explain that high productivity is more of a state you work towards every day.

Instead of worrying about never achieving that standard you’ve set in your mind about what high productivity is, bear in mind that being productive is a journey, and you can practice being more productive every day. It also helps to have the right habits that can make you more successful at work.

Habit #1: Exercise every morning.

The first habit you need to start working on might not be surprising: working out or exercising every morning is probably a piece of advice you’ve been receiving since you were a child. For children, playing in the morning allows them to take in ample amounts of vitamin D and keep their bones healthy. For adults, the benefits are even better: exercising in the morning kick-starts your brain and body and prepares them for the busy workday ahead. Exercising also makes you more active, which is the state you would want to be, constantly, if you want to do a great job in the office.

Exercising in the morning also minimizes stress and keeps your immune system strong, which you would probably want to have at any age. If you haven’t pencilled in fixed workout schedules into your day, now would be a good time to start. You don’t have to jump into a drastic workout routine; something simple like a half hour workout or a few reps of jumping jacks and lifts will suffice as a starter workout. Later on, you might want to register at a gym so you can have access to more exercise equipment and workout plans.

Habit #2: Keep yourself hydrated.

Water is life, and for a busy individual, this proverb takes on many forms. When you keep yourself hydrated, you are gradually cleansing your body, refilling your body’s need for more water (we are 80% water, after all), cleaning out toxins everytime you go for a toilet run and strengthening your immune system. If you are the sort of person who suffers from headaches a lot, one reason could be because you do not drink enough water.

Ideally, you need about 2 litres or 8 tall glasses of water every day, but any amount close to that is enough to do wonders and make you experience some changes. First, you will feel more energized at work. Next, you might find your skin improving because water cleans out toxins that can manifest as pimples.

Habit #3: Install sit-and-stand desks so you can switch your work positions anytime.

At a time when people spend more time in front of their computers than out in the park or in the great outdoors, ergonomic office furniture, such as motorized standing desks have seemingly become a necessity. Studies have shown that sitting too much kills, and keeping a sedentary lifestyle is not only unhealthy, but it is also capable of taking years from your life.

With the use of standing desks, however, you can easily switch up your work routine and keep yourself healthy. Benefits upon benefits come with sit and stand desks, so if you haven't considered having one in your office, now would be a good time to add them to your busy environment.

Habit #4: Fight the urge to mindlessly search through the internet at work.

One word: RESIST! You might be tempted to check out your friend’s latest update or to find out where your favourite band is touring to this week, but unless your job is related to social media management, make sure to limit your phone usage or your concentration and productivity will suffer.

You can limit your mobile phone usage by downloading apps intended to limit phone dependence or you can simply try to be more disciplined.