The Secrets Revealed! How Famous Business People Achieve A Work-Life Balance

We all want to achieve a work-life balance. For some people, this can be a bit challenging, especially if they are juggling between multiple work tasks and home chores. In some cases, time management skills may not be enough. To get the best tips on achieving a successful work-life balance, it would be best to hear from the people who have already experienced it. Some famous successful people- entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, and writers- can explain well what to avoid and what to follow.

10 Successful People and How They Achieved a Work-Life Balance

We've listed 10 of the famous entrepreneurs in the world and feature their tips on achieving a balance between work and personal life.


#1 Oprah Winfrey, Oprah

Oprah is one of the most famous personalities today. She is considered a media mogul and a well-known practitioner of transcendental meditation. According to her, some ways to achieve a work-life balance include to have better sleep and improve relationships with families and co-workers. According to her, doing meditation at least once a day will help workers promote creativity and productivity.


#2 Julia Hartz, Eventbrite

Eventbrite co-founder, Julia Hartz, mentioned that finding balance can be a continuous challenge. It rather requires dedication and constant attention. For her, the time spent outside work is sacred; thus, we need to be grateful and make the most of the things we do with our loved ones.


#3 Tony Robbins,

Tony Robbins, a well-renowned motivational coach and speaker, published an article tackling the tips on how to create a work-life balance. Some of the tips he mentioned include:

- Give respect to the needs and boundaries of others

- Identify and eliminate the things that are wasting your time

- Avoid negative habits in your personal life and lifestyle

- Forget multitasking and create engagement

- Avoid burnout and enjoy life more


#4 John Zimmer, Co-Founder of Lyft

According to Zimmer, his philosophy about work-life balance is that it is a combination of making physical and mental time for the people you value and finding a work of your passion. For that, you will have a commitment to work and the importance you give to the people around you.


#5 Barbara Corcoran, Forefront Venture Partners

The well-known Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran advised delegating your time exclusively to work, self, and the people around you.


#6 Chris Wanstrath, GitHub

The founder of one of the well-known software development companies in the world believes that the key to obtaining a balance between work and life is to be the best version of yourself. It is also crucial not to allow a situation to affect the other negatively. He also added that happy people could achieve balance and create better work results.


#7 Richard Branson,

According to Richard Branson, one of the best ways to achieve a healthy work-life balance is to become flexible about solutions. In one of his published blog posts, he also mentioned:

"The key to striking the right balance between work and life, Richard says, is recognizing when it's time to start entrusting employees with important tasks or finding advisers who can assist you with certain aspects of the business."

For him, delegating tasks to the right expert will have a profound effect on productivity and efficiency. Finally, he gave this advice: "Keep an open mind, and look for answers that are right for you and your business."


#8 Melanie Perkins, Canva

This young, successful entrepreneur believes that we are what we consistently do. For her, the best way to create a work-life balance is to establish a strong network and have perseverance and hard work.


#9 Anna Huffington, ThriveGlobal

In an interview with Huffington published in Business News Daily, she mentioned that to balance work and personal life, it's all about working smarter and not harder. She also advised small business owners on how to remain focused on their goals. She mentioned:

"They have to realize that taking care of their human capital is just as important as whatever product or service their business provides. Leading a sustainable life, and making sure their employees do, too, is the best way for a small business owner to make sure their business will be sustainable. It's like what they say on airplanes – put on your own oxygen mask before helping others."

Her website, ThriveGlobal, publishes articles about health, productivity, mindfulness, and other tips on how to work better while considering overall wellness.


#10 Susan Wojcicki, Youtube

In one of Business Insider's articles, Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki stressed that she implements a strict separation of work and personal life. For her, unplugging is an effective technique that makes her more productive. It inspires her to learn how to prioritize the tasks that need to be completed first. It encourages her and refreshes her mind, so she can concentrate on finding the proper solutions to any issue. According to her, if you spend time working 24/7, you will fail to find interesting ideas.


Additional Tips to Achieve a Work-Life Balance Successfully

For some people, achieving a work-life balance may seem to be daunting. This can be due to pressures and busy work lifestyles. Personal problems and issues in the family also contribute to why a work-life balance may seem difficult to accomplish. However, with consistency, effort, proper knowledge, and strategies, this is achievable.

Other tips that you can consider are the following:

- Allocate a designated time for work, family, friends, and social life.

- Get rid of distractions such as checking your personal social media accounts and browsing your phone during work hours

- Align your goals with your passion

- Never compare your success to someone else's achievements. This will only hinder you boosting your self-confidence

- Create a strong network that can support and guide you

- Spend some minutes of your day to improve and leverage your skills

- Make smart choices in life

Work-life balance can have different meanings to various individuals since we have our own life commitments. What's important is for you to find your true passion in life, value your work, and learn how to effectively manage or allocate your time between work and life.