Switch to Wooden Desk Tops for a Healthier Work Environment

Sitting long hours in front of a computer can cause several health problems, such as back pain, weak muscles, stiff joints, and decreased metabolism, among others. While standing desks are one of the most effective solutions to these problems, not all of them are created equal. One feature that stands out is the quality of the desk top. If you are someone who is looking for a standing desk or ergonomic setup, a wooden desk top can provide a healthier workspace for you.

1. Aesthetic Appeal
Wooden desk tops are available in a variety of finishes and species, making them an excellent option for visually appealing workspaces. Woods like maple, oak, and cherry are quite popular because they have a quality that is unmatched by other materials. Wood has warmth and character that radiates through the colors and grain patterns. Additionally, they provide a sense of coziness and comfort, making the work environment inviting.

2. Durable
Wood is a hardwearing material that is resistant to scratches and dents. A hardwood such as Maple or Oak can withstand heavy loads and retains its beauty even after years of use. Moreover, wood naturally resists moisture, and mold, so it won't harbor germs and bacteria.

3. Eco-Friendly
As the sustainable way of living continues to grow, it's nice to know that wooden desk tops are an eco-friendly choice. Since wood is a renewable resource, it's one of the most sustainable materials to use in the furniture industry. Moreover, wood emits less CO2 when treated, compared to other materials used to make desk tops.

4. Health Benefits
One of the benefits of using a wooden desk top relates to ergonomics. A wooden desk top provides a natural, easy on the eyes, warm and welcoming workspace. Moreover, it offers physical benefits as it can be customized for height and allow your arms to be at a comfortable 90-degree angle. Additionally, stress is alleviated from your feet and increases circulation when standing.

5. Low Maintenance
Wooden desk tops do not need a lot of maintenance. With regular wiping and occasional polishing with natural oil or vinegar, they stay clean, shiny, and inviting. It's easy to clean a wooden desk top when coffee or food spills on the surface. Cleaning it up keeps the workstation hygienic and inviting.

Wooden desk tops are a perfect option that offers a variety of benefits for standing desk or ergonomic users. They provide compelling aesthetic appeal, durability, sustainability, health benefits, and have a manageable maintenance level. Moreover, wooden desk tops are versatile, providing endless options on species and finishes. Invest in a quality wooden desk top that will not only last long but enhance the beauty of your workspace.