Standing: The Final Office Frontier

1. STAR TREK KNEW ABOUT THE BENEFITS OF STANDING. Look at the U.S.S. Enterprise. In the engineering bay, they have standing desks. Even on the main deck, where they have to brace for warp drive and stare down enemies with a relaxed confidence, half the crew is standing.

2. HUMANS ARE HIGHLY ILLOGICAL. We already know this, but Spock likes to point it out often. That's why the modern office is not logical. Otherwise, we'd all have sit / stand desks and not be so sedentary.

3. THE ENEMY CAN BE CLOAKED. Just like the Romulans have cloaking technology that prevents them from being detected, so lies the lurking spectre of sitting disease. It attacks quietly, damaging us more than most know, until for some it is too late. Get a standing desk and fight back! 

 4. BOLDLY GO WHERE NO MAN (OR WOMAN) HAS GONE BEFORE. You may be the first among your friends / co-workers / classmates to get a standing desk. This is the Star Trek spirit.  It is the same audacity that drove them to explore the galaxy and achieve greatness. Welcome to greatness.

5. IT'S THE JOURNEY, NOT THE DESTINATION. This, in essence, was what the U.S.S. Enterprise was all about.  They went out to explore and try new things. Now it's your turn to try a standing desk. Get one, and you'll end up being healthier and more productive, but you'll also feel good WHILE GETTING THERE (can you say that about going to the gym?).  That's probably the greatest benefit of all.   

Live long and stand!