Standing Desk Starter: Important Reminders You Should Know

Today’s work environment keeps on innovating. The tasks given to employees can be challenging and when not given proper attention, there can be risks when it comes to health and work performance. One major factor to consider when it comes to creating an ideal work environment is the kind of tools and equipment you should use. Experts recommend going for ergonomic equipment such as standing desks, desk converters, and other height-adjustable desks. For someone who’s a standing desk starter, it is crucial to make sure that this ergonomic equipment will be used properly to promote productivity, good health, and efficiency.

Important Reminders for Standing Desk Starters

We get asked a lot of questions about the best way to start using your standing desk. At AnthroDesk, we are pleased and delighted to share our insights and tips on how everyone will get an amazing experience when it comes to workplace ergonomics.

Some people may think that switching from sitting to standing will be difficult. But actually, it’s really not that hard. You test out your standing desk slowly, ease into it, and LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Standing is a natural state for the human body. We were designed to spend the majority of our day in a standing position. We need to move in order to make sure that we keep our bodies active and healthy.

Your body WANTS to stand, and it will tell how fast you can work your way up to becoming a STANDER rather than a SITTER. A lot of the questions we get are about how long to sit and how long to stand. If you have spent years sitting the majority of your day, it will take a little while to get used to standing. Your body will not be used to standing, so you have to ease into it. The good news? Your body will thank you after, and it's really not that hard.

We like to say that using your standing desk is as easy as 1-2-3. Thanks to the features that make standing desks easier to use and A good rule of thumb is to transition from 1 hour standing periods to 2 hour standing periods to 3 hour standing periods. So when you first get your desk, you may stand a couple of times a day for an hour at a time. Then, you move to stand a couple of times for 2 hours at a time. Then you stand a couple of times for 3 hours at a time. Try proceeding as quickly as you feel comfortable, but don't overdo it. It might take you 3 weeks, or it could take you 3 months. The important thing is that you are improving, getting stronger, and getting back to the natural healthy standing state. You are becoming a STANDER!

Until You Get There

Until you reach the 3-hour standing segments, it's still important to MOVE AROUND and break up your sitting periods. Several studies have cited the importance of NOT SITTING for longer than 60 minutes. Longer than that and your body starts shutting down. Literally. Your fat-dissolving enzymes are 90% less effective and your endothelial functioning is impaired (an early marker of cardiovascular disease).

It's Just a Guide

Also, remember, 1-2-3 hours per standing segment is JUST A GUIDE. Everybody is different. Some people may have medical conditions that prevent them from reaching 3 hours. Some people may stand the whole workday and only sit for lunch (probably closer to a 4-hour standing segment).

As said in the beginning, listen to your body. If it feels good, try standing a little longer. If your legs and feet hurt too much, try standing less. Although you might want to try a standing desk and anti-fatigue mat first - read more about that here!


Introducing AnthroDesk’s Top Standing Desks

Below are some of AnthroDesk’s top standing desks. They are highly efficient and provide features that will help alleviate the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

#1 Programmable Single Motor Electric Standing Desk

This standing desk is automatic; you can easily switch from sitting to standing with just a push of a button. It provides a width adjustable to fit various desktop options. This programmable standing desk provides four programmable presets to set this desk into its perfect height. It has a powerful, yet quiet electric motor that lifts the desk to any height you want for optimum health and improved productivity. Handset controls let different heights to be programmed; you just need to press the numbered preset button to allow the desk raise or lower to YOUR preferred height

#2 L-Desk Standing Desk with Programmable Adjustable Height Controls

This L-Desk standing desk is perfect when you need to use several monitors while working. Anthro Desks L-shaped desk provides table top options including two 60" x 30" table tops for a work area of 90" on the longer side, 60" on the shorter and a depth of 30". Its width and height are also adjustable. It’s also a space-saver since you do not have to buy another table.

#4 Electric Starter Desk with Easy Up/Down Controls

Here’s another great standing desk powered by easy up and down controls. It can also be your partner in creating a lifestyle free from being sedentary. This is a basic starter standing desk that provides the flexibility of an electric standing desk. This can be availed at an affordable price, too.  You can also select a real wood veneer top (Textured Grain Oak Veneer, or Smooth Black Walnut Veneer).

#5 Manual Crank Desk with Table Top Options

This manual crank desk with tabletop options is clean, simple, and functional. You can easily switch from sitting to standing with the help of its smooth operating hand crank. It has an enhanced engineering design you need not have a crossbar (which also allows for easy wheelchair access).


Final Thoughts

Becoming aware of the benefits of a standing desk can offer will be a big help for you to avoid the detrimental effects of being sedentary. AnthroDesk’s wide selections of standing desks and desk converters provide not only comfort and efficiency, but also promote proper posture and overall health.