Stand, Stretch, and Squeeze Office Exercise

If you have a desk job it is a common sight that you sit more that 5 hours a day. Sitting for an extended always has detrimental effects on health such as it will increase the rate of cardiovascular diseases, develop type II diabetes, shoulder pain, and neck strain among other complications.

It is always recommended to stand every 30 minutes to help your muscles move and improve blood circulation. Also, you can use a standing desk converter that will make your transition between sitting and standing easier.

Maryann Beary is a creator of Realign which includes a technique in exercises called Posture Alignment Therapy - a form of custom tailored technique. She advocates empowerment of others by taking responsibility for their own health.

Even when having a desk job, there are exercises that can be done while at your desk. It should be done regularly to see the effects, including promoting proper posture and good working habits. Be consistent in following the recommended office exercises and you will increase focus and felt comforted while working.


Stand in front of your desk, facing away from it with your chair in front of you. Lift your right foot and place the top of it on your desk behind you, while holding onto your chair for balance. Look down and make sure your left hip is directly over your left ankle, and that your knees and thighs are lined up with each other. To increase the stretch in your quad, tuck your butt under. Breathe and hold for 1 minute, then switch sides and repeat.


Start by adjusting the height of your office chair so your knees and hips are at ninety degrees. Sit in your chair with your feet straight and hip-width apart. Place a water bottle, coffee thermos, or any firm, a square object between your knees. Sit up tall and place an arch in your low back. Squeeze and release your knees together nice and slowly, keeping your stomach relaxed. Breathe and repeat 60 times.

You should feel this in your inner thighs. It is critical to maintaining the arch in your low back for the duration of the exercise. If you do not have anything to place between your knees, then simply squeeze and release your knees against each other.


Find your chair and sit with your knees and hips at ninety degrees and your feet straight and hip-width apart. Stick out your thumbs while pressing your fingers into the palms of your hands. Raise your arms out to your sides at shoulder level. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and making circle forward 40 times, while maintaining a fast and steady pace. Relax, then face your palms up toward the ceiling and circle backward 40 times.Look straight ahead for the duration of the exercise.