How to Take Action: 7 Smart Ways To Be An Extraordinary Worker

“You are what you do, not what you say you'll do.” C.G. Jung

Sometimes you were given a circumstance that asks you to be beyond what is expected from you. These actions have a direct influence in your life, it can either make you or break you. If you are an employee and you to be the asset of the company there are smart ways to be the odd one out - the extraordinary that makes you a legendary employee. To be extraordinary means to follow the path less taken by the majority. There are smart ways you can emulate the actions of an extraordinary employee and be one of the most admired in your workplace and community.

1. Exudes confidence and a respectable authority

A lack of confidence makes you look weak, it can smother your chances of promotion, and your projection of uncertainty may show you have no or not in authority to make the sound decision. It will also be difficult for you to lead a team.

Practice being confident and improve your posture when sitting and standing. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle of too much sitting. Use a standing desk to work and shift from sitting to standing as needed. Did you know that a standing desk enhances your mood and increases your energy level? Standing gives you a healthier heart, activates your brain to focus and creativity. This will help you be confident and practice authority in executing your plan and call to action.

2. Prefers a Healthier Working Place

An extraordinary employee takes the time to make his working space an avenue of healthy working habits. Instead of sending an email, he will visit a colleague to discuss projects and collaboration. He asks for the inclusion and provision of a standing desk in his working area for he knows the benefits such as increased productivity and he avoids gossip and unnecessary talk. He is selective with friends as he does not want to be associated with a toxic team or a department that hinders his professional growth. He rather is with a few number of co-workers whose work ethics are commendable.

3. Identify Learning Opportunities

An extraordinary employee will always be a student and has a teachable attitude. It is not an insult when his boss or even his subordinates will teach him new things unless it is done to discredit him. He will nurture skills especially connected with technology as more business are going paperless. He is updated with the latest news, breakthrough, and events that can forward his career. His goal is to constantly improve himself and be an indispensable part of the company.

4. Welcome Genuine Changes

Changes can mean position, location, and role in the company. And extraordinary employee embraces the change but with readiness. He does not accept it blindly as he does want to be labeled lacking the skills or does not fit to the task. It is also important that although he accepts changes it must be related to his work and remain productive all day. He can decline when changes ask by his superiors or company goes against his principles in life it is against the law (of course).

5. Constantly Strive For Excellence

There is only one way and that is up to the ladder of your career. You can never be satisfied but instead, continue to find ways to upgrade your current position. Find innovative ways to routines. Extraordinary employees do not just follow rules, they fine tune it.

You can enroll in online courses, be familiar with the house rules, take charge of the memos, and always read company sent emails. This will keep you in charge of what is actually happening in your office.

If meetings are the significant part of a growing company and yet time is limited, an extraordinary employee will go for a standing meeting or a lunch meeting. IF budget needs to tighten a bit, conference meeting using software such as Teamviewer, Skype Premium, and GoToMeeting is used.

They keep learning and earning more, and apply what they learn to make a substantial contribution to the company. They avoid mediocrity and instead go for excellent work and in excellent health condition. Smart employees make health one of their priorities and use standing desk to work. Standing desk helps avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Standing to work increases focus and enhances memory - your best ally to work productively.

6. Share Recognition with Others

Even when they are considered the best in the company, an extraordinary employee give to whom the credit is due. They do not steal the idea of a colleague but always acknowledges the source even if it was already enhanced to suit the project or the business plan. This practice of sharing the recognition with team members encourages openness and cooperation - vital ingredients for the company to reach its goals.

An employee who was given recognition regardless of how small or big is the contribution will help boost his confidence. The generosity shown in giving praises and recognition will also generate the culture of generosity. But when giving praises and recognition, an extraordinary employee knows to give only genuine applause to show sincerity and not shallowness of character.

7. Volunteer When Needed

A newbie employee and yet possess extraordinary quality knows how to learn more and that is to seek help and be of help. He volunteers to do beyond his assigned task as he is willing to serve. But it does not mean that he will take somebody’s job and make it his own, leaving the other party clueless. When he becomes an expert, he is willing to teach newbies who want to learn and excel, same as when he is starting. An extraordinary employee is an excellent teacher and they can be a good mentor too. His colleagues are thankful to have him as he is willing to share his expertise without intimidating remarks.