Sitting Is A Silent Killer

Various reports and sources online have revealed that sitting is “the new smoking”. This is because of the numerous disadvantages of sitting when done for long hours. People whose nature of works are related to typing, encoding, craft-making, and other desk jobs are the ones prone to having sedentary life issues.

A study shows that too much sitting can be similar to smoking when it comes to mortality rate even when you regularly exercise.

In 2010, the American Cancer Society published a study in the American Journal of Epidemiology on the effects of sitting to 123,216 respondents. A part of the study mentioned:

“There is a growing body of evidence showing that reducing the amount of time spent sitting, regardless of the amount of physical activity, may improve the metabolic consequences of obesity.”

In one of AnthroDesk’s articles, we have discussed the 9 evils of sitting. Some of these include the following:

-          Sitting can make you fat and lead to other weight issues

-          Sitting can kill you sooner

-          Sitting is proven to slow down metabolism

-          Sitting can make an unnatural hip angle

-          Exercise does not always counteract the dangers of sitting

-          Sitting can cause with your metabolic, skeletal, respiratory, and coronary system

-          Not all chair can ease the pain caused by prolonged sitting

There are other adverse effects of prolonged sitting. Without the proper action to be taken, this can result in even bigger health issues.

How Standing Desks Can Help?

It is recommended for you to stand at work more and sit to rest. Using ergonomic equipment such as standing desks and desk converters can bring massive benefits to your health. Not only that, but it can improve both efficiency and productivity at work.

Remember that your heart and cardiovascular system can work efficiently when standing. Standing at work can also prevent digestive issues and get rid of back pain. When you’re feeling comfortable and at ease, you will be able to focus well on your tasks and would not have issues completing your assignments.

As ergonomic experts and medical professionals always advise: use a standing desk to shift from sitting to standing and stay healthy while doing your job.

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