Sit-to-Stand Time

"Stand," they say. Stand up tall. Stand while you work. Stand while you're on the phone. But hey, we can't stand ALL the time. And that IS ALL RIGHT. Nobody is suggesting that you should STAND ALL THE TIME.

You may prefer to sit while doing some activities and tasks (arguably, 'squatting' is a much more natural position and should be used more, but that is ANOTHER blog article).

We may find it comforting to sit while doing a chore, chatting with friends, having lunch and obviously when driving. However, there is a drawback when we do more than 2 – 3 a day at the office or at home without much movement and with little or no exercise. In this situation, possible health problems arise.

Did you know that sitting for the longer period of time will lead to immature death? (Oh boy, here comes the fear mongers) Yes, you may be saying ' goodbye world' prematurely because of your sedentary lifestyle.

Did you know you can develop increased blood pressure, blood sugar, love bags around the waist, cardiovascular disease and even the big C for cancer? How is this fixed? By providing sit and stand workstation which allows employees to stand, walk and stretch those muscles every 15 – 20 minutes as the need arises. Seems pretty simple, eh? AND, there are other benefits.

Productivity is a relevant concern in sitting for a longer or extended time. Employees tend to be sluggish and developed discomfort with respect to time with prolonged sitting (Callaghan et al., 2010). It could mean getting bored and make them want to get out of the office. The energy to proficiently perform the task on hand is lessen.

This can be addressed properly by providing a sit-stand workstation. The recent rise in the change of the office furniture and structure is basically based on the concept of increasing employee productivity and ergonomics theory.

According to ErgonomicsPlus, ergonomics involves a new and innovative design of the workplace and taking into consideration the positive abilities and the confines of the workers.

A famished workstation design can hurt workers, leaving them burnout and thwarted. This will also result to lower productivity and lower quality of life. The Center for Disease Control (yes, 'The CDC'), recently came out with a study suggesting that sit-to-stand products are an efficient solution for lessening long-term sitting and its disturbing effects on health and employee productivity.

You have the option to sit or stand while effectively engaged with your computer or the task at hand as the need arises. One trend on the rise and best fit the need for a sit–stand workstation is the introduction of a standing desk.

It is basically a desk where you can adjust the height by clicking the button. One of the basic advantages is obviously you can modify the height at which you can work while moving in between standing and or sitting.

You can start small and inexpensive. Try looking into the products of Anthrodesk, such as our dual motor electric standing desk, which is one of the most affordable and reliable options in the market today.

The desks from Anthrodesk are standing desks which allow you to sit, stand or move in between with just a push of a button. The standing desk table must be secure, stalwart and durable to lift and lower the desk surface and everything you keep on it.

It is expected that standing desk will positively transform how employees, work at home moms, teachers, and even technology-related workers perform in terms of productivity and quality product output.

Go ahead, get one for yourself now, or perhaps ask your office or facilities manager to look into them. There really is no better investment for your health.