Reasons Why You Need A Standing Desk Converter

Sitting for an extended period of time has health consequences including having a stiff neck, shoulder pain, and back pain. Researchers recommend the inclusion of a sit to stand workstation and, therefore, the use of a standing desk to encourage movement from sitting to standing. This will also lessen the detrimental health consequences of too much sitting and extended standing.

A press release published in 2017 stated that Canadian adults spend about 70% of their waking hours being sedentary. In addition, Canadian office workers also spend 77-80% of their working hours in a long period of time. The same news mentioned:

“Most Canadians know that low levels of physical activity have negative effects on our health. What many may not be aware of is that spending less time sitting and more time standing, walking and engaging in light movement throughout the day can help reduce the risk of developing chronic illnesses like obesity, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and respiratory diseases.”

It is also mentioned that four out of five Canadians have a risk of acquiring chronic conditions like heart diseases, cancer, weight problems, and type 2 diabetes.

Top Reasons Why You Need a Standing Desk Converter

Working for comfort and efficiency is one of the main reasons why workers aim to have their workstations set up ergonomically. An organized workplace with the right tools and equipment

Having a purposeful break from sitting for at least every 60 minutes, followed by standing, stretching, and resting your eyes can have a very positive impact on your health. It would relieve wrist pain (from using the computer) or pain in the upper and lower back.

Posture is usually the first biomechanical remedy received from using a sit to stand desk. You will be more conscious of the manner in which you use the screen, the keyboard, the shifting of weight from one foot to the other and the height of your monitor. You will be more conscious of your body and the natural state you should be in. The number of hours you will stay sedentary decreases. You will feel the difference, and you will really appreciate the changes.

AnthroDesk ErgoConvert Electric Standing Desk Extender / Converter

If you have decided to upgrade your workstation and become an “active office worker”, a great selection of available sit to stand desks can be found online. You don’t even have to ditch your existing desk or buy a new one. There is no need to worry about crowding out your existing workspace with a new full-sized desk for standing and another desk for sitting.

There is a great variety of available products online that convert your standard desk to a standing desk. One specific product on the rise is the AnthroDesk ErgoConvert Electric Standing Desk Converter. This is a new model available at AnthroDesk and it is designed to be a truly functional standing desk converter.

Buyer's Best Option of Standing Desk Converter

AnthroDesk’s desk converter can transform your existing desk into a piece of ergonomic equipment with a push of a button. It has electric height adjustable controls that will give you an infinite number of heights you can finely adjust based on your perfect ergonomic height. The ergonomic height is calculated based on the height of the user, the height of the desk, and the monitor and the keyboard being used. This is important because Proper ergonomic height encourages proper posture in sitting and in standing.

It is easier to mount a computer monitor using the AnthroDesk ErgoConvert Electric Standing Desk Converter because it has a standard VESA mount. Built for heavy office use which makes for the steady rise and lifts monitor when assembled. The design of the motorized column is clean and sleek.  Worried about lift capacity? No need - the AnthroDesk ErgoConvert has a powerful motor that can lift up to 80 lbs. And no need to worry about reliability - it is backed by a 5-year guarantee.

AnthroDesk’s standing desk converter is best for workers whose job is highly sedentary. The task may vary from ideally done in sitting postures to those ideally done standing. It is also best for those who want to work healthier and smarter by changing their workspace environment.