Quick Tips About Standing Meeting

In 2016, LinkedIn published an article entitled “5 Psychological Benefits by Daily Stand Up Meetings!”. According to the article, the following are the psychological benefits that can be acquired from standing meetings.

  • It gives positive energy and keeps the body more active
  • It can be a time saver
  • A face to face communication can give more impact on the conversation
  • It brings transparency
  • It creates a stronger bonding among teammates

On the other hand, another article, “7 Rules for Effective Stand-Up Meetings” stated the seven rules for effective stand-up meetings. They are as follow:

#1 Keep the meeting short and sweet

#2 Create and establish a specific goal

#3 Only meet when needed

#4 Create a good relationship with your remote employees

#5 Don’t disregard or skip follow-up

#6 Give a chance for everyone to talk and share their insights

#7 Create an organized structure for the meeting

Helpful Tips About Standing Meeting

There are many benefits of holding a meeting while everyone remains to stand and using a standing desk to accommodate quick presentations and project proposals.


#1 Conduct short and meaningful meetings.

#2 Encourage brief announcements.

#3 Encourage announcements that are related to services.

#4 Don’t worry if there are not always substantive announcements.

#5 Use the meetings to recognize special events.

#6 Hold the meeting regardless of who can attend.

#7 Schedule the meeting at the beginning of the day.

Check the infographic below for more of the tips.