Proper Posture When Sitting: Why You Should Avoid Slouching

The more often we sit, the higher the tendency we will slouch while working. Too often that we forget to take a break and stand because we are so concentrated on what we’re doing. Just imagine the risks that we can face if we sit for several hours throughout the day, leaning forward to reach and read documents, stare on your computer screen, and glance for too long on items that you need to review. Often, we may unknowingly do slouching on our chairs, and later feel the pain on our neck and back. That is why we should be aware of why we should avoid slouching and learn the proper posture when sitting.


Top Reasons Why We Should Avoid Slouching

Slouching does not only make us less attractive and appears to have low self-confidence. It can affect our health, and that it can lead to other issues in the future when not properly addressed. If you’re one of those individuals who are working in a cubicle or even a home office, you might also be guilty of having a bad posture while sitting.

To motivate you to stop slouching, listed below are some of the top problems slouching is bringing to people:

#1 Poor circulation. According to some studies, sitting for long hours, especially if done daily, in an uncomfortable chair, can put your life at a higher risk of developing diseases due to poor circulation. The body should be properly aligned or at a good posture to obtain its needed circulation.

#2 Spine alignment issues. A person who has a spine that is not aligning properly can be at risk of having health issues. It can cause damages to the rib cage, the lungs, hearts, and even lead to gastrointestinal problems. To help avoid this, you must ensure to sit properly to avoid issues with your spine alignment.

#3 Headaches. Headaches can be experienced due to the force and pressure put on the back and neck muscles when seated for long hours. These muscles become tired and overused and may lead to muscle tension and spasm. When these happen, tension headaches can be experienced.

#4  Jaw Pains. A spine that is misaligned can also cause stress on your jaw joints. When the lower and upper teeth do not fit together properly, and your lower jaw is forced forward, you may experience jaw pains as well as pain in the back of your head.

#5 Neck, back, and shoulder pain. Poor posture when sitting or when you’re slouching can bring tension to your shoulders, back, and neck. Avoid pulling your shoulders back or trying to correct neck stiffness on your own, because that can worsen the situation.

#6 Constricted Nerves. Slouching can cause your bones and spine to shift their positions. This can result in constricted nerves and may bring discomfort and pain.


Benefits of Proper Posture When Sitting

Slouching and slumping can cause muscle tension, joint pain, poor circulation, and back pain. It is imperative to avoid slouching and promote proper posture.

In a post published by, the following benefits of good posture are stated:

-       Reduced back pain. Good posture can reduce tension and stress on the vertebrae and discs in your spine.

-       Lesser fatigue. With proper posture, your muscles can be used more efficiently, so you will feel stronger and more active.

-       Lower risk of injuries. Along with proper posture when sitting, moving and standing can also help in eliminating strain on the joints, ligaments, and muscle strains.

-       Lesser headaches. Slouching can add strain on the neck, which can lead to experiencing tension headaches.

-       Improved breathing. With proper posture when sitting, you can breathe easier since your lungs can expand fully.

-       Better circulation. Slouching can cause your vital organs to be compressed, so avoid to slouch while sitting can promote better blood flow into your organs and blood vessels.

-       Improved balance. Proper sitting posture can help promote better balance that helps in lowering the risk of falls, especially if you’re into an active lifestyle.


Tips on How to Avoid Slouching and Promote Proper Posture

Learning how to avoid slouching and promote proper posture when sitting can change your life for the better. Here are some tips you can try to avoid slouching and engage yourself in practicing proper posture. 

- Maintain a healthy weight

- Boost your mood at work

- Always be motivated

- Keep yourself energized

- Avoid negative thinking

- Avoid putting pressure in your lower back

- Be more flexible and relaxed

- Let go of stress

- Boost your self-esteem

- Get a good night sleep to stay active during the daytime


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Final Thoughts

Slouching can bring negative effects to health. This may cause fatigue, backache, neck pain, headache, and other feelings of discomfort. When these issues are not addressed correctly, this can lead to worse issues at work and at personal lives. Learn how to avoid slouching. Choose to be aware and apply the proper ways on how to develop good posture. All these are worth the try to achieve better overall health.