Overcome Work Challenges with these Success Tips from Canada’s Famous Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is a challenging endeavour. It takes risk-taking and a positive mindset to be able to grow the venture. Being a new entrepreneur on this kind of journey can be scary as it seems it's entering a complex battlefield. A person who involves himself in entrepreneurship must inhibit the right attitude and a firing determination to achieve particular goals.

The truth is, every successful person was once a beginner. This is an excellent reminder that today's world's successful business owners we are looking up to are once beginners also. They underwent the same pressure, fear, and hesitations. What makes them overcome the hurdles is that they refused to surrender the battle.

Be Inspired! Success Tips from Some Canadians Entrepreneurs

Challenges will be part of the process. It will never go easy, but the outcome will be worth it. If you are an entrepreneur or an office worker who is currently going through hardship on your venture, here are some success tips from some of the Canadian's famous entrepreneurs. These tips will serve as a little motivation to conquer your work challenges:

#1 "Follow your heart."

Ryan Holmes is the CEO of one of the top social media management platforms – Hootsuite. Hootsuite was introduced to the digital world in 2008 and is still widely used as a management tool of its kind today. It boasts over 18 million users in the world. Holmes advised people to follow your heart. This is by turning your idea into reality and putting your passion and whole heart into it.

Whether you're an entrepreneur or someone working in an office, it is very important to put your 100% dedication and passion into the business. You must put your commitment to fulfilling the job. Doing the things that you love will definitely help you become more motivated.

#2 "Take risks."

"Successful people are the ones who are breaking the rules." As per Seth Godin, this is to remind startup entrepreneurs not to be afraid of taking risks. There will always be risks, but building realistic and positive business strategies will help you embrace everything that is bound to happen. Being a risk-taker comes with preparedness and careful planning to provide quick solutions to potential mishaps.


#3 "Every business starts with a problem."

Lyndon Cormack, the co-founder of Herschel, has found a far better way on how people will even love backpacks. They developed and designed aesthetically pleasing luggage backpacks and accessories.

It is always imperative for us to remember that some of today's greatest innovations come from small ideas or problems that need to be solved. There is no learning if there are no problems that will teach us to become better. Take action instead of complaining. Always try to innovate and step up your process.

#4 "Deal with failure."

In 2009, Rick Perreault, a Canadian entrepreneur, founded Unbounce in Vancouver, BC. It is a tech solution that aims to help businesses in generating sales, leads, and new customers with the aid of effective landing pages. There have been failures and issues, but Unbounce continues to become a team player in the industry with all his effort and time.

Failure is inevitable. It would be critical for the entrepreneur side to deal with, but oftentimes, this could be an avenue to that one big break that will bring you to success. The secret tip is to learn how to turn that failure into wisdom. There are several ways to look at failure: it will either knock you down or take it as motivation to do better in your job. The outcome will depend on how you will look and deal with it. Take it from Winston Churchill's famous line, "Success is not fatal, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that count."

#5 "Choose your partners carefully. "

It is a big decision to start up. That is why some entrepreneurs resort to getting a deal with business partners to help run the company. It is crucial to choose wisely and make sure you are trusting the right person as you are entrusting your future and, most importantly, the rest of the company. 

According to Sonya Amin, director of AXS studio, "If you don't trust your partner with your life, then you shouldn't be getting into business together." Make a deal with someone reliable and trustworthy. It is also important to develop open communication between the two of you and be honest with each other at all times. Partnering with somebody in business is as crucial as getting into a romantic relationship – it will be tested at times. The key is to speak openly, be transparent, listen to each other's opinions and come up with final decisions to align with the goal. 

#6 "Focus on the goal."

No matter what happens along your journey as a startup entrepreneur, you have to stay focused on the goal. You really have to keep sight of the prize and go further. Don't get demotivated by a little progress as it is still progress. As long as you keep on moving, you are getting closer to the target. As Michael Serbinis, founder and CEO of League – a health insurance platform, "Skate where the puck is going."

 In line with being focused on the goal, do not forget to check on the plans and review if you are still on the right track. This will help you align everything and get back on track if something isn't going straight with you.

#7 "Be patient."

Patience - this is the greatest business asset. Wait for the right time to make your moves." - J. Paul Getty

Patience is a virtue in all life's aspects. No matter what it takes, how tough the journey is and how long it would take you to achieve the things you desire, remain patient and wait for your time. The same goes for making your moves, to get into a rush as decision-making is crucial, and one single move might compromise everything. Always have a presence of mind in everything you do so you will not end up regretting it. Be patient and vigilant to arrive at the right decisions.

Final Thoughts

You have to set your mindset straight that entrepreneurship isn't an easy thing. The same goes for when you're working, whether in an office or a company. However, if you are into a certain goal to succeed in your chosen field, it takes determination, courage, risk-taking, knowledge, but above all, a positive attitude.

These mentioned famous entrepreneurs started the same way as you are. Do not be frightened. Instead, keep going, and soon, you'll get there.