Does Office Meditation Work? Here's What You Need To Know

Having a standing desk helps you spend more time standing and less time sitting. It will also help you counter the health hazards of prolonged sitting. With your standing desk, you can do simple office exercises such as squats, lunges and stretch. It will leave you energized, revitalized and healthy.

It is beneficial when you are at work because you feel like you enjoy what you are doing. You are anticipating the day ahead since you feel productive and focused. You are happy and your employer is happier since you are getting things done on time. Another helpful technique that is gaining attention these days is meditation.

Meditation practice helps you slow down and be presently aware of your work. You may not realize it but the morning habit of reading and taking time to pray is a form of meditation. Starting may be difficult but you will soon get over it. Try it, you will soon notice its benefits to your mind, your social interaction and your productivity in a day's work.

Here is a basic form of meditation which is recommended by Lodro Rinzler Author of ‘The Buddha Walks into a Bar’ and co-founder of MNDFL


Use a timer when doing this form of meditation. Set up a reminder every 60-minutes or more. When it bells, pause and be mindful of what you are currently doing. Just be sure you do not let your mind wander. You can check your posture and do some breathing exercises. Make it at least 5 -10 minutes. One thing I like to do is set a timer to go off once an hour. The set again the timer and return to work.

The more you meditate, either in longer sessions and in little moments throughout your day, you begin to be more connected to your present moment. You are more responsibly aware of your lifestyle, health condition and working habits. You begin to be more energetic, focused and energetic.

What are you waiting for? Start your meditation even at work and use your standing desk and be more productive and alert.