Move More and Weigh Less

It is more convenient to sit and yet this common practice of sitting while working, eating, driving and such has adverse health effects. To start, when sitting and slumping in your chair, the rate of burning calories slows down by one-third in comparison to standing. And there is a huge drop in metabolism. The result is an increased probability of becoming obese and developing diabetes.

A recent study published by the American Cancer Society shows the alarming connection between sitting and obesity. The result further established the benefits of standing such as increased productivity, focus, and improved health condition by reducing pain in the neck, back and shoulders.

It also says that the risk of becoming obese is lesser to people who stand for at least a quarter of the day. The result prompted other companies (eg. Google, Facebook, and Silicon Valley) to introduce standing desks to their employees with proper information on how to use it more efficiently.

Aside from having a standing desk converter, it is also beneficial to you to take note of the following physical activities as added to-do list and burn more calories without going to the gym.


Attend social meetings that promote active events such as bowling, play pool, tennis play, or basketball.


Use activity devices that can monitor how active or lazy you are in a day. See the difference in how adding extra activities such as lawn mowing and house cleaning can help you burn more calories.


It is expected to go or dance with the beat of the music. Listen to upbeat music while you walk to your work or when you clean the house. You will be surprised how music can make you physically alert.


When the temperature is warm, your body will burn more calories. Change your thermostat as many times you want, and you will notice the positive changes it will bring to your body.


Watching TV for at least 6 hours a day will lead to type-2 diabetes, colon cancer, and obesity since it will require you to sit all day. Lessen the time and be more productive. If not, you could try standing while watching or cleaning the house.


If necessary use online shopping for hard to find items. It is still best to visit the store since it will require you to walk, use the stairs, lift heavy bags and carry to the parking lot.


You will defeat the purpose of burning calories if you always buy processed foods. It is recommended to prepare your food ahead on time. Package or wrap the prepared food and label on what day it will be served. In this way, you can start having a healthier lifestyle to eat.


For office workers, it is advisable to use ergonomic equipment such as standing desks, desk converters, ergonomic mouse, and ergonomic chairs. They will help you live and work more comfortably, alleviating some common health conditions such as back pain, migraine, and cardiovascular ailments.