Looking for Ergonomic Products? Check these 5 Desk Essentials from AnthroDesk

Whether you’re doing your tasks from the comfort of your home or in an office-based workplace, you still need to use high-quality equipment and accessories. Every worker aims to have efficient and productive results of their work efforts. Having the right tools and devices in your working area is a critical way to ensure that everything will be on the right track and accomplished at the right time. Besides, these ergonomic products will help maintain the health and safety of the people in the workplace. If you’re looking for ergonomic products that you can have to improve your work performance, then you should check these five desk essentials from Anthrodesk.


5 Ergonomic Products That Are Essential for you to Have at Work

You might be wondering if the items on your current desk are the ones you truly need. Yes, you can have some decorative items to make your desk more appealing while working on your tasks, but having the most important things should be one of your top priorities. Let’s discuss why the following five ergonomic products should be considered to be included as your desk essentials.

#1 Vertical Mouse. Most of us are familiar with traditional types of computer mice. They can come in different styles, sizes, and unique features. However, since there are also studies showing that gamers and office workers can suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome(CTS), you should consider using an ergonomic vertical mouse. It is designed to keep your wrist and arms in a neutral position, thus avoiding strain and discomfort.

Check out these two ergonomic mice from AnthroDesk.

AnthroDesk’s Wireless Ergonomic Vertical Mouse. Ergonomic experts recommend using a vertical mouse, for it can help lessen the strain on your wrist and arm. Since it is wireless, you will not have to worry about some cord and wires to mess up your desk. You’ll have a more organized desk so you can be more focused on your tasks. Besides, this wireless mouse is equipped with a long-lasting rechargeable battery for your convenience.

Anthrodesk’s Wired Ergonomic Vertical Mouse. Do you type or work mostly on your computers? AnthroDesk’s wired vertical mouse can aid in preventing possible injuries due to the continuous use of a poorly-designed mouse. Your arms should be in their neutral position, so they will not be fatigued after long hours of gaming or typing. It also contains a tempered ABS material, which makes this wired mouse durable as compared to other types of mouse. Its DPI button allows 1000-1600-2400-3200 DPI configurations. Finally, it has an LED light indicator that switches colours based on the chosen DPI.

#2 AnthroDesk’s Cable Management Spine – Wire Organizer. AnthroDesk’s cable-management spine makes wires and routes cables organized on your table and the floor. It has a channel for your computer and other electrical cords. With this wire organizer, you can protect your desk’s cables, while still achieving a clean and clutter-free work area. This flexible cable management spine can move and bend to give protection and avoid damages on your cables. It also showcases a modular design, together with segments that snap together, allowing you to adjust to your preferred length. It can be placed securely in place because it has a mounting plate that can efficiently be connected to the underside of your desk, table, or counter. Check its amazing features here.

Other items commonly found on a worker’s desk may include a calendar, pen holders with pens, and sticky notes.

#3 Dual Cable Clip Wire Organizer. It’s time to make your desk more organized by keeping everything secured and in the right place. Wires, cables, and small supplies may cause your desk to become messy and overwhelming. This can lead to loss of focus and poor concentration on tasks, and your productivity level might be at risk as well. AnthroDesk’s dual cable clip wire organizer can be used to prevent your computer cables and electrical wiring to cause an accident. They can be organized and clipped on either the side of the table or under the desk station. In that way, you can keep your workstation cluttered-free.

#4 Keyboard Tray. Do you sometimes feel that your wrists and fingers sometimes feel numb and painful? Check your desk height as well as your keyboard’s position. If it seems that it’s too low or high for you, then it’s time to consider using a keyboard tray. It will help you position your keyboard where you can type more comfortably and conveniently.

#5 Desk Converters. Do you think your desk is too low for you? Have you been experiencing pain on your back and shoulder lately? If so, maybe it’s time for you to consider setting up your desk and computer monitor at their proper height and position. This will support you to feel more comfortable while working. Using a desk converter can be your best option. A converter can be attached to your existing desk to achieve your desired height. AnthroDesk offers several desk converters which are easy to set up and use. It’s also a space-saver so that you can place more ergonomic items in your working area.


Final Thoughts

Your desk is your centrefold when you are building the pages of your professional career. You can work in the comfort of your home with a simple desk table. Or, you can enjoy working in an office establishment with various office supplies and materials. What matters is that you use the proper tools and devices in an ergonomically-designed workplace. We all aim to create better work results, and that would be possible if we become productive and efficient in performing our tasks. Make sure that your desk has the items that are essential to make your work easier. Do not overwhelm it with decorative items and forget to include the basic accessories you should have. Remember that you will do better with important things on your side, rather than keeping items that will only make you distracted. Check out AnthroDesk’s accessories so you can have top-notch ergonomic accessories for your job.