Live Edge Desks: Applying Ergonomics and Style to your Workplace

Live edge desks are now trending in the office. Yes, more and more office workers are loving the idea of including this piece of furniture in their workstation. Not only do they evoke a unique sophistication, but they can also be part of the workplace's effort to apply ergonomics.

What sets live edge desks apart from other types of desks is that it retains the natural look of wood. It still displays the wood grain as well as the imperfections of the timber edge. Since a gorgeous live edge desk can be incorporated into the different styles and settings of workspace, it's no surprise why this is becoming a hot office trend today.


Why Choose Live Edge Desks: The Benefits You Can Get 

Some people might be thinking why they would choose live edge desks over other tables made from modern materials. Are live edge desks durable? Will they be able to stand the test of time in the workplace? Can they be innovative, too? There are particularly compelling reasons why you should love using a live edge desk.


#1 Live edge desks offer natural beauty. You will be more inspired to work on your tasks if you see natural beauty, which can make you relaxed and work comfortably. Live edge desks can provide a sense of warm atmosphere by having the feel of Nature inside. At home, there can be coffee tables, dining tables, and other furniture that can add to the aesthetic factors. The same goes for businesses and workplaces. Showcasing their natural beauty can help employees to feel better at work and perform better in their jobs.

Nowadays, there are more sophisticated trends when it comes to customizing and decorating furniture and equipment in the workplace. The colors, shapes, designs, and features of every piece of furniture we are going to choose greatly matter. But of course, there can be instances that we can feel bored when we stick to being too contemporary. That is the time we should consider adding a new significant statement of style, such as preferring to have a reclaimed wood table.

The uneven touches of live edge desks can be invigorating, thus making you more active at work. They can enliven a dull workspace with the usual types of furniture and equipment in our working areas. Remember that the ambiance of our work can significantly affect our level of productivity and creativity. But with some touches of natural beauty, such as from the live edge desks and tables, the level of work efficiency will improve.


#2 Live edge desks provide uniqueness. What's fantastic about wood is that they offer unique attributes or qualities. Every single piece of live edge wood is unique; thus, you can ensure that you will have a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture. Some live edge desk makers prefer to keep the hardwood edge only, instead of retaining the slab's bark edge. Experienced creators and designers can come up with various designs and features from different wood slabs. This can give you finished products that are unique when it comes to the grains, edge, and tones of wood.


#3 With live edge desks, you can make a signature style for your brand. We all know how great a brand can be. A brand can be more effective if there is something that makes it unique from others. There should be a signature style statement, whether it's about how the product works or what type of services your brand offers. In case of having live edge desks in your workspace, this can send a powerful message. Your brand chooses sustainability and prefers more of being natural. It can be an effective way of creating a meaningful message about your brand. Experts agree that live edge desks can promote eye-catching, unique, engaging, and powerful brand statements.


#4 Choosing live edge desk supports sustainability. Some people who are not yet knowledgeable about live edge desks may think that creating them can affect our environment. However, the reality is that they are crafted and derived from sustainably harvested wood and timber. These types of wood are built to create furniture such as tables and desks that will last for a long time. Another great thing about it is that live edge desks remained timeless in style despite the trends that come and go. They intelligently comprise various facets of quality and craftsmanship. The sustainable quality makes a live edge desk a really great investment. Besides, wood is not only viable; it also helps reduce carbon footprint, making it environment-friendly.


#5 Live edge desks encompass aesthetic design trends and elements. There are innovative design trends when it comes to creating a piece of live edge furniture. Thanks to the creative insights and skills that are introduced in today's emerging innovations. Recycled natural products are given importance to create amazing design elements. For sure, there will be more creative elements that will be introduced to improve designs of live edge desks.


Top Common Wood Species for Live Edge Desks

Choosing the kind of wood to be used for the live edge desk impacts its aesthetics and quality. Below are the top three of the most popular selections of wood when creating a piece of live edge furniture:

#1 Oak. Oak is often a top choice in making live edge desks because they are naturally strong and durable. Red oak, specifically, is the most popular among oak species. It showcases a reddish texture with short dark lines. These rays flow in the area of the wood grain, which make interesting visual effects to the furniture finish. 

#2 Black Walnut. Walnut is also a popular choice for live edge desks. It has a rich finish and fine wood grain. Walnut has also been a well-known material in making cabinets, rifles, and several kinds of furniture. Black walnut has been a famous choice to create ultimate designs of live edge desks.

#3 Black Cherry. Black cherry shows a brownish and reddish heartwood containing grain pattern ranging from straight to curly appearances. Using black cherry for live edge desks requires extra care since too much exposure to the sun can darken the wood.


Introducing AnthroDesk's Live Edge Standing Desks for your Workplace

AnthroDesk provides a great selection of top-quality live edge desks for your workplace. Made from top-notch materials and designed with excellent features, these live edge desks will be an effective part of your daily work experience.

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Final Thoughts

Live edge desks are now becoming a big trend when it comes to customizing workplaces ergonomically. The rise of ergonomic office space designs continuously innovates. Live edge desks are more than pieces of art; they are crafted to add aesthetics, comfort, and efficiency in the workplace. There are various reasons why live edge desks are a great choice to include in workplace, such as sustainability, uniqueness, and achieving natural beauty.