AnthroDesk Releases An Eco-Friendly LED Desk Lamp In Celebration of Earth Hour

ETOBICOKE, Canada - Today AnthroDesk announced the release of the latest Dimmable LED Desk Lamp with Touch-Sensitive Control Panel and USB Charging Port in January 2016. It is the best addition to an emerging trend of cost-efficient and eco-friendly office equipment. It provides an affordable and yet premium solution for a desk lamp that has extra features such as USB charging port and the adjustable LED light brightness.

What is the latest trend in lighting design? LED lights! The dimmable LED Desk lamp with touch-sensitive Control Panel and USB Charging Port is the newest breakthrough product of AnthroDesk. The company is based in Canada and distributes innovative and ergonomic office designs that aim to provide assistance and solution to workers, students, administrators, and employees. And create awareness in the use of environment-friendly and cost-efficient products.

What makes the LED desk lamp unique is its modern design. It is dimmable, the control panel is adjusted through touch - and when you choose its brightness based on the three different brightness level and you can charge the lamp using its USB port. The USB charging port can charge or power your phone, tablet, fan or any other USB device. Finally, the flexible multi-directional base allows for the perfect position adjustable according to the user's need.

What will look good on your standing desk is lighting that is both efficient and natural. The AnthroDesk Dimmable LED Desk Lamp has touch-sensitive feature plus a port for USB charging. It will help you save money and energy. It is cost-efficient and it takes long (literally years) before you replace its bulb.


One of the cheapest, available, and effective greenhouse improvement is replacing your old bulb with LED lights. The investment is tiny with less effort and yet the results are magnificent. When highly efficient bulbs are used inside the house, there is a 75 percent lesser used energy and lesser time replacing them. The best way to start greening your home, sit to stand workstation, or your office is to purchase the AnthroDesk LED Desk Lamp. It provides an affordable but yet optimal solution for a desk lamp that has extra features such as the port for USB charging and the adjustable LED light brightness.

According to American National Standard Practice for Office, good business means using appropriate lights in the workplace. This practice is essential to provide employees comfort in performing their tasks. Digital eyestrain is one of the effects of using your laptop or any digital devices for longer hours. It is recommended that proper lights should be installed. When office design aids the employees, work becomes bearable, easier, and you are more productive. I believe you do not want to work in a dark or not well-lighted office as it can pose danger to you and the company. These benefits may also be extended to personal or home office workers and acquiring the AnthroDesk LED desk lamp in addition to your standing desk is recommended.


One of the features of the AnthroDesk LED Desk Lamp is the touch-sensitive control panel. The brightness of the light can be adjusted based on the liking and need of the user. This help lessens the effects of direct glare. According to the National Lighting Product Information Program, direct glare occurs when a bright light source is within the field of view of an observer.

Aside from energy-efficiency, AnthroDesk LED Desk Lamp is also time efficient, takes years to replace, and provides a more steady source of lights part of the story.

AnthroDesk is also eco-friendly, energy efficient and time efficient. No harmful substances such as mercury were used in manufacturing. The best part is, AnthroDesk is offering the best warranty in the industry and with a money back guaranteed plan. Also, it comes with a 24-month warranty and 30 money back guaranty.


AnthroDesk is an innovative ergonomic company from Canada. It was built because of the personal need to escape from the perils of too much standing and to address the current demand of a well-designed and affordable standing desk. AnthroDesk specializes in selling standing desk and innovative modern office accessories such as the dimmable LED Desk Lamp with Touch-Sensitive Control Panel and USB Charging Port that will make workers, students, administrators, and employees healthier and wise consumers.