It’s Spring: Time to Clean Your Desk


Spring is coming so you know what that means: spring cleaning. And if the pandemic has had you working remotely these last two years, your home-office definitely needs it. For some workers, the lines between “home” and “office” have blurred and keeping household items out of work areas is a constant battle.   

Does your desk look anything like the one in the photo? You could be spending two hours each week searching for misplaced items and documents if it does! Take a crack at tackling clutter on your work desk to start your spring clean. Studies show clutter greatly affects our brains ability to work effectively. Consider how quickly you can forget details when you have a lot on your mind. Our brains respond the same way when we see clutter; it’s hard to stay focused and time is wasted trying to recall information.

Simply put, we work and block-out distractions better in a clean environment. 

If clutter has taken over your desktop, we can help you get it under control. Here are 4 products to organize your desk and kickstart your office spring clean:


  • Monitor Mount Document Clip
  • Document clips are great for keeping important documents at eye level and off your desk. A good document clip should swivel 360 degrees to keep your documents accessible and be easily mounted.

    Check out ours: not only does it hold up to 18 sheets of paper, it can be discreetly tucked behind your monitor when not in use. A document clip is a great idea even if you only have a few sheets to hold. Eliminating the constant need to turn your head to look from screen to page can prevent neck strain and boost productivity. 

    Installation is as simple as peeling the adhesive and picking a side to mount so you could be well on your way to a paperless desk in minutes.  

  • Cable Organizers 

    If the wires under your desk are simply “out of line”, it may be time for a cable spine. This is a practical yet attractive way of ensuring cables don’t clutter your workspace. A cable-management spine will run the wires from your desk to the floor through four separate channels. Their modular design means cable spines are kind of like Lego.  Segments can be easily added and snapped together for your desired length. 

    Keep in mind that cable management isn’t just for aesthetics. Messy cables are a tripping hazard and safety issue. A weighted base that keeps cables secure to the ground is super important. Plus, tripping over wires could not only hurt you, but damage the wires as well!

    A smaller organizer is suitable if you only have a few wires to clean up. Cable management ties use an adjustable strap to keep cords together and don't need screws for installation. Dual cable clip organizers are another option that can cut down on clutter by holding wires, pens or even small tools.  


  • Wireless Products 

  • Your phone, speaker and even internet router have all gone wireless in the last century— is it time to cut the cord on your office equipment too? Whether or not you’re a fan of cable organizers or just decided to do away with wired products altogether, switching to wireless office equipment is guaranteed to declutter your office. 

    Cleaning or decluttering is nearly impossible with a dusty nest of wires in your way. You may even have to unplug your keyboard and mouse to clean your desk thoroughly. Dusting is much simpler and more effective when you can move items freely.

    The mobility of wireless devices also gives you the freedom to organize based on your preferences, not cord length or proximity to an outlet.

    Keep clutter at bay by swapping your current typing setup for a sleek wireless keyboard and mouse combo. And for workers that want to ditch cords while keeping ergonomics in mind, try a vertical mouse

  • Desk Converters

  • Take some inspiration from apartment buildings: go up when there’s no room to go left or right. Our ErgoSpring converter instantly turns any desk into a standing one. It will literally elevate your workspace and even comes with a keyboard tray—which are rarely standard these days.

    Converters are great for anyone with a tendency to pile up clutter on their desk. Capable of holding laptops or monitors, a converter is essentially a desk for your desk. With dedicated space for your screen, keyboard/mouse and a slot for mobile devices, a converter gives all of your office essentials a place to call home. 

    Try tucking loose papers under your converter if you don’t have a filing cabinet. You can stack a couple hundred sheets under the unit even with the height adjustment on a low setting! 


    Bonus: Standing Desk Setup

    Thinking of revamping your entire desk setup to manage clutter more efficiently? Standing desks have become much more popular since the beginning of the pandemic. Great for improving employee wellness and increasing productivity through ergonomics, here are two desk setups that will also make your space neater: 

  • Minimalist Desk

  • A minimalist standing desk gives you enough space for just the essentials. Empty coffee cups, loose papers and lunch leftovers have no room here. Since desk space has to be used economically, consider space-savers like CPU holders, shelves or monitor mounts.  

    There are lots of potential options but the A3 desk is perfect for a minimalist standing desk. Most standing desk frames come without a tabletop but the A3 desk includes the frame and top for fast assembly. At 47”×23”, it’s large enough for you to work comfortably and small enough that you’re forced to stay organized. 

  • L- Desk

  • If you have too many desk essentials to go minimalist, consider giving them more breathing space on a bigger desk. With an L-Desk you can reserve one half of your desk for your monitor and things you use frequently and the other half for miscellaneous items.  

    There’s not a lot of ideal spots for large desks, but since these fit into corners, you can use the rest of your office space for additional storage. They are a perfect fit in home offices too. Even in small bedrooms, you can add a cabinet to help store files without your desk being right at the foot of your bed. 

    Get Organized With AnthroDesk

    By now you’ve realized that organization is your greatest weapon when it comes to fighting office clutter. We stand 100% behind our products because they have been helping transform and organize offices for nearly a decade!

    For more information, give us a call at 1.800.267.1783 or click here to send us an email.