Is Standing the Latest Anti-Aging Movement?

To look younger there is a lot we can do. We can have a balanced diet, exercise more, drink lots of water and get a daily dose of vitamins, supplements plus antioxidants. (in case you didn`t know, or needed a reminder, antioxidants are synthetic or natural substances that may prevent and delay certain forms of cell damage). The good news is you can find it in fruits and vegetables and as a dietary supplement.

People have so much interest in many anti-aging methods that it has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Even just the facial cream industry, with many specifically made to counter the effects of aging. Everyone wants to look younger by every available means (and sometimes that even means going under the knife for some). This report shows over $55 billion is the annual sales of the cosmetics industry as of 2014. Women, in particular, spend more putting on cosmetic products.

But there's something else you can do to turn back the clock. And you probably didn't even know about it...


Yes, did you know that a study was conducted and found that standing actually makes you younger?

When you stand, your muscles move and pumps fresh blood and oxygen making you feel good, active and productive. But wait - there's more! This isn't just "make you feel more productive and younger" practice. A published study reported that standing helps to protect your DNA which in turn protects you from the negative effects of aging.

49 people were studied. They were in their late 60’s, they were overweight, and they had a sedentary lifestyle. The researchers discovered that participants who sat the most had shorter telomeres. Telomeres are the storage unit on the end of each chromosome. Its relation is similar to the attachment of a plastic ring at the end of your shoelace. Your chromosomes are protected from fraying and causing damage in your body. Short telomeres do not protect the DNA as well and can contribute to premature aging, disability or fatal diseases.

Participants who stood more had longer telomeres and were better protected from the effects of aging. The length of telomeres is the key factor in anti-aging and it is affected by standing. To encourage standing and sitting less, you can ditch your chair and use a standing desk, the most ergonomic office design that is built to make you work healthier and more productive in a day’s work.

Your body is created to be active and always actively moving. The more you move, walk, stretch and stand the greater your chances of having a healthy, productive and meaningful lifestyle.

Start standing more TODAY!