Importance of Safety and Health in the Workplace Every Business Owner Should Know

Every company should implement effective programs to promote the health and safety of its people. Having a safe workplace will not only prevent injuries and health issues, but it can also reduce the expenses of the company.

All companies and their employees must be aware of the importance of safety and health in the workplace. 

According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), there are various types of hazards in the workplace, which fall under several categories such as ergonomic, physical, chemical, and psychosocial. Some of these common workplace hazards include issues related to:

  • confined spaces
  • indoor quality
  • temperature
  • ventilation
  • violence
  • lasers
  • scents
  • working alone
  • weather

You can find complete information regarding these workplace hazards here.


What is the Importance of Safety and Health in the Workplace?

Ensuring safety and health in the workplace offers various benefits, such as the following:

#1 Reducing absenteeism. When employers implement safety and health guidelines, the risk of work-related problems and injuries will be lessened. Because of that, employees can ensure that they can work in a safe and healthy environment. When there are no injuries and health issues, then employees will continue working and will not make absences.

#2 Protecting the health and safety of the people in the company. When health and safety guidelines are appropriately implemented, the welfare of the employees is protected. They can be protected from common injuries and health issues in the workplace, such as slips and trips, back pain, asthma, and other accidents.

#3 Saving money. Business owners can save money because their possible compensation for employees' medical needs due to injuries will be reduced. When all employees can work productively, the business can make more income or profit.

#4 Improving productivity. When employees work in a safe and healthy environment, they can ensure to have better productivity with their work results.

Every member of the organization should be given enough training and knowledge about health and safety in the workplace. They should be well-informed of the possible dangers and risks that they can experience while working. Of course, they should also know what to do on how they can work comfortably and safely. They should be provided with the right and reliable equipment at work. Make sure that every equipment to be used in the workplace is tested and evaluated for any faults. For instance, electrical equipment, such as computers, must also be checked because they can pose a health and safety risk.


How Can Ergonomics Contribute to Health and Safety in the Workplace?

Ergonomics play a vital role in ensuring safety and health at work. It is a factor that every business owner should consider to be part of their goals for the success of the company.


What is Ergonomics and its Benefits?

Ergonomics is known as the process of arranging or designing products, furniture, equipment, tools, and devices to help people using them to minimize the risk of injury or dangers at home or in the workplace. The primary aim of ergonomics is to establish a safe, comfortable, and productive work environment by collaborating health and design. Companies can make jobs easier and safer for their employees by having applied ergonomics. All business firms-big or small- can ensure successful work results from their efforts if they implement rules and precautions related to ergonomics.

Listed below are the proven benefits of ergonomics to workplaces:

#1 Ergonomics helps in reducing the risk of injuries. Your workplace can be at risk of injuries if equipment and furniture are not appropriately chosen. There is traditional equipment that may cause injuries to workers. That is why it is vital to select furniture, equipment, and tools to be used in the office that will make the employees safe. Most of them help promote proper posture and help avoid musculoskeletal diseases. Nowadays, there are various ergonomic items available to make work easier and safer. These include but not limited to standing desks, ergonomic chairs, desk converters, ergonomic mouse, and desk lamps. All these can help employees be safe from chronic pain, repetitive strain injury (RSI), and other health conditions.

#2 Ergonomics aids in creating overall wellness of employees. Aside from generating profit, every business should also focus on taking care of the welfare of its employees. Employers must also be aware of how they can provide their employees' job satisfaction, wellness, and overall health. Every member of the organization should be committed to utilizing proper ergonomics in the workplace.

#3 Ergonomics boosts work efficiency and quality. With the help of ergonomic products in the workplace, employees can ensure work quality and efficiency. Some of these products include sit-stand desks, ergonomic mouse, standing desks, and ergonomic chairs. They provide comfort to the employees, so they can work without experiencing pain, fatigue, and carpal tunnel syndrome. They can type faster, create content efficiently, and manage tasks effectively. Employees who are using standing desks, for instance, have been proven to have excellent blood circulation and healthier bodies. They accomplish tasks faster with high-quality results.

#4 Ergonomics aid employers to spend less on workers compensation. When an employee is injured in the workplace, employers are responsible for paying their compensation. Ergonomics play a vital role in reducing the employer's direct costs related to health issues such as repetitive strain injury, musculoskeletal disorders, and accidents. However, when employees are safe at work, they can be free from accidents and other work-related issues. As a result, the employer will be able to save money because they will not spend on workers' compensation for injuries and health concerns.

#5 Ergonomics helps increase the morale of the employees. When employees feel and see that the company is taking care of their welfare, they will be more energetic and motivated to work. A worker who is provided with proper equipment and tools for the job will have boosted morale because there is the feeling that the company is valuing them. It's always good to know that their employers are doing their best to make the workplace a safer place to work.


Applying The Correct Ergonomics: Things you Should Know

To ensure safety and health in the workplace, every business owner should be aware of the few reminders on how to apply ergonomics:

#1 Invest in a quality standing desk. This ergonomic equipment can aid in improving posture and avoid the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

#2 Use an adjustable chair. The chair should be ergonomic; it should have features such as lumbar support, armrest, back and seat pan, and headrest.

#3 Every employee should also promote taking breaks when working. Do some desk exercises and stretchings to encourage movements. This will also help keep a healthy work experience.

#4 Use an ergonomic mouse and keyboard. You should choose the type of mouse that will keep your wrists in a neutral position.

#5 Position your computer monitor at an eye level and an arm-length away from you. This can help prevent having stiff neck and back pain.

Some other ergonomic items and accessories, such as desk converters, monitor mounts, and desk lamps,  can aid you in promoting health and safety in the workplace.

Every business firm must be aware of the importance of safety and health in the workplace so that they can ensure the welfare of its people. It will not only help the employees but will also contribute to the success of the company's goals.