How Virtual Assistants Can Benefit from Using Sitting to Standing Desk Converters

Nowadays, one of the most rewarding and interesting jobs is being a virtual assistant. Since it is done online, the advantages such as being convenient and more opportunities are undeniable. Based on a statement of Value Walk, business owners that hire the services of virtual assistants benefit from reduced costs since they are not obliged to provide benefits, bonuses and equipment. A virtual assistant should only have the skills, Internet connection, equipment, and other materials to start working for clients abroad.

Working as a virtual assistant can be termed as a very promising profession as it continues to provide quality services in the future. However, every virtual assistant should also be aware that taking care of their health and welfare must be on top of their list. They should have a comfortable and working environment and use ergonomic equipment such as standing desks and sitting to standing desk converters.


What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant offers services to company owners, entrepreneurs, and other individuals who are looking for assistance from a remote location. The tasks range from personal errands, writing, website development, customer services, digital marketing strategies, and more. A virtual assistant is skilled, talented, and always willing to learn new trends in the niche and expertise.


What are the Common Roles of a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants can be found on various outsourcing and job finding platforms like Upwork, Hubstaff Talent, and others. Included but are not limited to the services they can offer include the following:


#1 Administrative work. This can include tasks such as basic data entry, organizing calendar events, preparing to-do lists, booking travel arrangements, scheduling, creating reports, and more.

#2 Content development and creation. Quality content such as articles, blog posts, buying guides, authority content, videos, podcasts, and other types of content are essential things every company owner must have. The good news is that virtual assistants can help in the content development and creation process.

#3 Social media management. This consists of tasks of managing social media accounts, creating content for each platform, and building engagement with potential clients and customers.

#4 Managing finances and accounting. Some virtual assistants also help business owners in managing their finances, bookkeeping, and accounting matters.

#5 Research. A business should always be updated with new strategies and trends on how to promote its products and services. From time to time, researching data and information is vital. Virtuals assistants can definitely help with that.

#6 Customer service. A virtual assistant can answer queries, respond to questions, handle complaints, and resolve issues when it comes to the products or services.

#7 E-commerce. Nowadays, the field of e-commerce is booming; more and more entrepreneurs are making profits from it. Virtual assistants can help in managing e-commerce stores from ordering to processing of orders, as well as other marketing tasks.

#8 Email Management and Marketing. A virtual assistant can aid business owners to automate the sending of emails to customers. Nowadays, there are tools where you can set up autoresponders and broadcasts to promote products and services.

There are other tasks that a virtual assistant can do. With today’s technology and learning courses, which are very much available, working as a virtual assistant will be an excellent opportunity to build a career.


Some Health Issues Experienced by Virtual Assistants

As a virtual assistant or VA, you can get various perks, such as working anywhere, anytime. However, just like any other job in the world, there can also be risks and issues that can be encountered.

#1 Back pains (as well as other chronic pains). Most virtual assistants work while seated and bound on their desks. Each day, some of them spend more than eight hours sitting, thus leading to a sedentary lifestyle. They can experience recurring back pain due to the stress on the lower back due to prolonged sitting hours.

It will be helpful if a virtual assistant can have access to a sitting to standing desk converter so that it can be adjusted to the correct height. It will also help workers to sit or stand, alternately. Of course, virtual assistants should also invest in an ergonomic chair that has lumbar support and comfortable seating.

#2 Acquiring Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Virtual assistants use computers all the time. Prolonged hours of typing and using a mouse can cause strain to the hands and arms. This can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Its symptoms include numbness, burning sensation, tingling, and pain. This can be avoided by using an ergonomic vertical mouse and ergonomic keyboard.

#3 Eyestrain. Working with computers and starting on its monitor can put virtual assistants at risk of having eye strain. This can also lead to headaches and discomfort in the eyes. That is why it is essential to have excellent lighting and comfortable space for virtual assistants to perform their tasks. 

#4 Social anxiety. Spending long hours on your workstation – either in a company office or home office, can cause your isolation with the outside world. This can lead to experiencing stress or anxiety due to a lack of interaction with other people. Make sure to have some time for fun and relaxation for yourself. This will help you improve your skills and relationships with other people.


Sitting to Standing Desk Converter: The Benefits it Can Bring to Virtual Assistants 

#1 Portability. Setting up a desk converter is easier. There’s no need for a heavy workforce to transfer or carry it to its specific place. Being portable makes it a leading choice for most workers and company owners.  

#2 Assembling is fast and easy. Not everyone is skilled in assembling items such as a device, equipment, machine, or other tools. Often, assembling can be a complicated process. There is equipment in the office that can be set up for several hours. When it comes to desk converters, installing can be completed in less than an hour only. A lot of converters today do not need too complex tools when installing them.

#3 You can still use your current desk. Unless your present desk is no longer functioning, or you are allowed to get a new one, there’s no need to replace your existing desk. It is another benefit of using a desk converter. You can just have a converter and attach it to your current table. You can save more money if you do not buy a new work desk. 

#4 Sitting to standing desk converter enhances productivity and improves mood. Sitting can also bring various harmful effects to health. It can aid working in a comfortable workplace while promoting correct posture. As we all know, prolonged sitting can cause employees to experience chronic pain and discomfort. When workers are working in a safe and ergonomically-designed workplace, they will be less stressed and irritable. They will be more relaxed and inspired while working on their daily routines. Working comfortably is also correlated with efficiency and productivity. That is why it is advisable to make use of the features of a desk converter and other ergonomic products. Employees will also develop effective collaboration, better communication, team-building, and systematic task delegation. Always remember that the more comfortable and convenient you work, the better your job performance results will be. 

#5 Sitting to standing desk converter contribute to a safer and healthier workplace. It’s time to leverage your work quality and efficiency. Workers are encouraged to alternate between sitting and standing by using desk converters, standing desks, and other items. As a result, workers will be more encouraged to get active and prevent the effects of being sedentary. Today’s technology and cutting-edge products, such as top-notch converters (as well as standing desks), are anticipated to flourish. There will be more innovative features that will be beneficial to the ever-changing work trends today.

#6 Sitting to standing desk converters aid to relieve neck and back issues. Based on some medical experts, our bodies are not engineered to be inactive. We should not slouch, hunch, or sit for extended hours. It will be advisable if we can stand and move instead of staying stagnant while working. A sedentary lifestyle has been pointed by medical experts to be one of the causes of chronic pain, particularly in the neck and back. There can also be some other problems such as misalignment of the spine, having migraines, and fatigue. Although a lot of us are performing tasks with this kind of work lifestyle, we can still make a change to improve it. Begin by getting informed on how you can apply ergonomics in daily activities. Be consistent on using ergonomic equipment and accessories such as standing desks, sitting to standing desk converters, and accessories like a vertical mouse. 

#7 Customize your desk with a sitting to a standing desk converter. These types of desks come with different features, styles, colours. As long as you can be creative, there will be more design ideas that you can do to come up with a gorgeous, safe, and practical workstation. You can browse high-quality desk converters here.

#8 Sitting to standing desk converters promote better health. Health conditions like stroke, heart diseases, diabetes, and metabolism-related diseases can be a big risk to the workers’ overall wellbeing. You can help avoid these diseases when you become more informed about how important it is to stand and sit alternately. Of course, you can do it by using a sitting to standing desk converter. Medical experts stated that the body activates both muscular and cellular activities, regulating the hormones in the body.

A sitting to standing desk converter supports the goal of maintaining a healthy weight of the body

One of the adverse impacts of sitting for a long period is that workers can have a slower metabolism. As a result, burning calories will be slowed down, leading to weight problems. It needs proper attention because, when taken for granted, it can turn into massive health issues. Sitting to standing desk converters aim to provide employees with the convenience they need to work efficiently. Using a converter can encourage you to do even small movements similar to doing simple exercises for better health.


Final Thoughts

A sitting to standing desk converter is just one of the various other equipment and devices every virtual assistant should learn. They can use it to protect their health and promote a safer, healthier, and more productive workplace.