Working from Home: How To Stay Motivated

Working from home may not have been so popular in the past but now it is becoming a trend. So, naturally, a lot of questions arise for the average remote worker. Some of the young professionals say that it is a privilege as companies can let them work without supervision. 

Others don’t see it as a serious job because of their flexibility or the freedom they get. As a remote worker, one of the disadvantages is that everyone may be under the impression that you are always available because of your flexible schedule. Your family and close friends often interrupt you, violate your boundaries, and have this notion that your work is not that serious.

While there are reports that the remote worker is more effective than office-based workers, not all people are successful and cannot thrive in a home office environment. If you are the type of person that easily gets distracted, work from home may not be the best option for you. 

For remote workers that are driven and focused on surviving in a work-from-home environment, you will face a lot of challenges that most people who go to the office might not struggle with like: time management, isolation, stress, loneliness, lack of discipline, however, you are gaining comfort and the luxury to work in a familiar surrounding. Here are some pointers that will help one to stay motivated when working from home:

#1 Set a regular schedule

Establish a plan for how much time you need to spend on a certain project or deadline. It may sound unlikely, but this will help you become more organized and prioritize things.

Home-based jobs also require you to look into your daily to-do list or task before you get up from the bed. This may sound basic, but this is the most important part; you need to prepare the required itinerary in your work. It is best to set and adhere to the working hours and require yourself to have a schedule.

#2 Plan your workday

Make a list of your most urgent tasks and the least important ones. A whiteboard can help you organize the things that you need to do for the day. 

Review each task and tick them off once they are done so that you have the visibility that you have accomplished your work.  If possible, change your work norms to let people know that you are working and unavailable.

#3 Set a designated area for work

Try to create a workspace that fits your needs and increases your productivity. It is important to invest in a desk that suits your style, comfort and will give you lots of health benefits while working. 

A sit-to-stand desk is not your ordinary desk; it is a space saver and has many health benefits. Working while standing can decrease the risk of many diseases. Nowadays, many office workers complain about back pain for example, a sit-to-stand desk can reduce back pain by preventing you from slouching and hunching over.

Remember, when choosing the right workspace, it must not wear you down. The tables and chairs should be comfortable. Always allow a few minutes at the end of your workday to remove any unnecessary things from your desk. A clean desk will give you a fresh start the next day and will keep you going throughout the day.

#4 Dress to impress (yourself)

Did you know that the way you dress affects you psychologically? Working from home does not mean that you can no longer wear something fabulous. If you dress for success or in a nice outfit, this can attract a productive mindset. Set a standard for yourself to wear something if a customer is waiting to do a skype call anytime. Ultimately, it is about respecting yourself and your work.

#5 Don’t forget to take breaks

The significant advantage of working from home has a flexible schedule, so taking breaks is crucial for your mental and physical well-being. Rise and stretch. Socialize if you need to by calling some of your friends or family to meet up for a quick lunch or dinner. If you keep an active social life, you will feel less isolated, and it will reinvigorate you and keep you going.


There is no perfect recipe to motivate yourself when you are working from home. The key is to follow and apply these steps over and over again, simply. Making time for yourself or simply taking ownership or credit has an empowering effect that is linked to improved productivity. So, just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you are less responsible.