How to Solve Workplace Challenges in the New Normal Set-up

With the workforce's undeniable changes nowadays, it is crucial to know the common workplace challenges and how to solve them in the new normal. Things have changed, and trends keep on evolving. With the implementation of social distancing and other health protocols, workers experience limited flexibility when performing their jobs. However, with the help of a work-from-home setup, it becomes easier for them to work in the comfort of their space and schedule.


Common Workplace Challenges in the New Normal

Most people will agree with what is stated in an article published by ETHR World Economic Times.

"Organizations quickly set up the infrastructure to allow employees to work from home, and employees responded by embracing the new challenge whole-heartedly. Displaying the power of the indomitable human spirit, we survived. But now that the much-awaited moment is here – as the lockdown is finally lifting – we have to prepare ourselves for new challenges, and once again, test our ingenuity and adaptability in the face of adversity."

We have been through tough times, especially during this pandemic; however, we strive so hard, and we emerge to survive. As we live with the new normal today, we should also be aware of the workplace challenges we will face. Learning them will also teach us to find solutions on how to prevent or handle them.     

#1 Communication issues

The issue when it comes to communication can affect the quality of work a worker will render. Those who used to work with teammates in the same workplace can easily ask for help from them. Meetings are conducted face-to-face, and task delegation is done fast. However, with the introduction of the new normal work trends, everything will be changed. Communications are mostly done virtually. Technology will play a vital role. In spite that there are many tools that we can use for remote working communication, it's still a challenge for other individuals to use them. Not everyone is knowledgeable in using them. They may still need time to learn how to use them, and adjusting themselves with technology-based tools can be absolutely challenging.

Another thing is the span of the time before someone gets a response for inquiries. For instance, using e-mails can be effective, but the response won't always be reliable to be on time. Workers with different time zones can also have challenges to have a smooth flow of real-time communication.

#2 Decline in the level of motivation and work satisfaction

It is not always easy to get used to a new practice and apply it to your daily life. People can have a significant decrease in the amount of motivation and satisfaction. They may feel alone since managers and teammates are nowhere around. Working remotely can have many perks, but it can be a bit challenging for people new to this work setup.

#3 Keeping up with the sanitation procedures

The new normal setup requires everyone to be vigilant and keep safe to avoid health issues. This is why it is crucial to adapt to the sanitation procedures, whether working from home or doing tasks in a company office.

#4 Distractions

Distractions may increase during this new setup, and not everyone can cope up with them too quickly. Their productivity can be hampered by distractions like children playing around, animals roaming in your working area, and noise from different sources.

#5 Difficulty in achieving work-life balance

Despite the many perks of working from home, there are still people who find it challenging to create and maintain a work-life balance.

In a published post by Lexology, it was stated:

"It has long been argued that working from home allows employees the flexibility to manage their working, and family demands more effectively. However, the counter-argument is that increased time spent working from home can put employees in a position where it is harder to juggle the conflicting demands of work and family because the boundaries between the two have become blurred. This is particularly the case whilst schools remain partially closed, impacting some employees' ability to work productively during the day."

The demand for work, the chores at home, and other lifestyle activities can impact a person's balance of personal and career life.

Workplace challenges are a normal part of today's new normal. Thus, some adjustments are necessary. To solve the challenges you may face when working remotely or if you're back in your office, the following tips should all be considered:

#1 Utilize the power of technology and communication tools

The challenge of promoting seamless communication can be solved by using the power of technology. Nowadays, various tools and platforms can be used to communicate with employers and other team members. You can try Zoom, Slack, Skype, Google Meet, and a whole lot more programs. With today's vast options for creating effective communication, there will be no more excuses for better task delegation and more effective task completion.

#2 Find sources of your motivation each day

If you lack motivation and inspiration to work each day, it would be best to evaluate yourself and the factors around you. What's the main reason you're aiming to enhance your career? What drives you to wake up each day and become better at work? Is it your family, your financial goals, or personal fulfillment? Whatever it may be, what you'll need is to stick to being inspired and motivated to achieve them. Your main reason to do better each day will fuel up your desire and passion- both needed to create sources of your daily dose of motivation.

#3 Be aware of the sanitation protocols

Health is always one of your most important investments. Whether you're working in a company office or a home-based workstation, you should be well-informed and apply the necessary health protocols. Get updated with the government's implementation in your area, especially regarding sanitation and other working protocols.

#4 Learn to manage distractions

Distractions are a typical inclusion in your everyday tasks. They often are inevitable. However, you can handle them well. First, know how to manage your time effectively. Set your priorities; identity which is urgent and most important on your tasks. Be more organized with your workstation by decluttering and keeping only what is needed on your desk. Too many things in your working area can only lead to chaos and a lack of focus. Have a clear understanding with your family members on your work schedule, so they will know when you should not be disturbed. Learn to say 'No' to your friend's invitations, especially when it comes to going out since outdoor activities are still limited to most areas.

#5 Stay happy and passionate about your job

This new normal lifestyle has to conform to new rules and conditions. But it is also wonderful to know that this also opens to new opportunities. We become used to considering that a work-life balance can be achieved by having a flexible schedule. But, how can we do it now that we are in the midst of challenging times? This pandemic has created a massive hamper to do things that we used to do. But that doesn't end that. We can still achieve a work-life balance in this new normal. You don't need to suffocate yourself from the overwhelming tasks at work. You can even enhance your passion and strive to create another hobby. All you need to do is to be more creative and passionate with everything you need to do.


Final Thoughts

Today's new normal setup should be considered a blissful opportunity for all of us. In spite of all the difficult times, the chance to stay at work and home is truly something to be thankful for. Yes, there can be some challenges, but they can be adequately solved. Follow the tips mentioned above, and you'll create a work experience that is worth keeping.