How to Make Your Office a Great Place to Work in

No doubt about it: work can be sometimes hard and stressful. There comes a time when several other factors make the job even harder. However, learning how to be organized in the workplace can definitely create a significant impact on productivity and work quality. There are various ways to make your workspace a great place to work.  All you have to do is to learn some organizing tips and understand the benefits it can bring.

The Benefits of Keeping an Organized Office

Marisa Wolch, a writer from, mentioned in her published article, “Benefits of Keeping Organized at Work” that being organized should become a habit of every worker. A part of her article stated:

“By keeping organized, you will save time looking for things and will have more time to work on important tasks. As an organization can improve the flow of communication between you and your team, you can also make your team more productive. After all, better communication leads to better results.”

Not only that, but the article also listed down the important items needed to make an office organized. Included in the list are your desk, a file management system, computer files, calendar, phone, filing cabinets, and other accessories.

On the other hand, Innovative Professional Offices stressed that aside from reducing workplace accidents and injuries, an organized space also helps in lowering stress levels and aid in establishing a positive work environment.

“There’s a reason that people make their beds when they wake up every morning. It’s one of the first tasks you check off your to-do list every day and it gives you a sense of accomplishment in knowing that you’ve started your day off on a positive note. The same thing can be said for people who maintain a clean and organized office space”, the article mentioned.

Comfortable Workplaces with Great Amenities

One of the most common qualities sought after by most employees is the ability to work in an office that is collaborative, accommodating, and which offers accessibility options. A relaxed environment has also been deemed a comfortable workplace to be in, and companies like Facebook, EA, Twitter, and LinkedIn have all applied similar properties in their headquarters.

In Inc.’s own survey of IT companies and startups, offices that offer practical amenities such as a yoga center, gym, and daycare are highly appreciated and valued by many professionals who care about their fitness routines and have children.

Companies that offer alternative workplaces are also considered to be very important to many individuals with special accessibility needs or physical disabilities. Individuals who need mobility amenities would flourish best in a workplace that accommodates their needs, rather than limiting their work arrangements to working from home.

For individuals who deal with musculoskeletal issues, ergonomic equipment such as sit-and-stand desks can make a lot of difference to their health, morale, and performance. Even individuals who do not experience body aches and pains may find some level of benefit if their workplace is capable of accommodating any work position and posture they might be interested in switching to throughout the day.


Paid Company Treats and Perks

When an employee performs beyond what is expected of them, or when a team achieves all their set goals for a particular period excellently, rewarding them with free vacations or added financial compensation is not only a wise move, it also inspires other employees to emulate their successful colleagues. Nuxeo, Google, and Facebook are just a few large names in the industry that are known to generously compensate their teams with bonuses or free vacations when milestones are achieved, and in a way, these rewards may be credited for the ongoing successes that these companies enjoy.

Another perk companies most commonly offer is providing paid sabbaticals. Investing in an employee’s decision to go on a sabbatical is not just a generous and class act; the output that an employee tends to create during that time can benefit you, as well. What a better way to thank them for their potentially-beneficial research than by shouldering a percentage of the expenses they may occur during their sabbatical.

Profit-Sharing Opportunities

SC & H Group and NinjaCat offer some form of employee stock ownership plan, which means professionals working there may enjoy better financial conditions than other companies and start-ups that do not. While companies are not required to offer this beyond the benefits set by the government, opportunities like these do help in keeping the workplace morale up and in minimizing employee turnovers.

Constant Workplace Improvement Is Important

At first glance, office renovations may seem costly but the financial returns they bring always tend to outweigh the disadvantages. If you are mulling over whether a much-needed office renovation should be funded as soon as possible, these facts should help you in your decision.

Increase Office Productivity. Without getting into details, increased office productivity will always translate to increased profits. When employees are proud of what they are doing, and if they are happy while performing what is expected of them, chances are they will work twice as hard and offer better results over time.


Minimize Workplace Stress. Stress is rampant in an office that is uncomfortable, messy, and disorganized. Over time, an overloaded office will only affect employee morale, and if this happens, their results and performance tend to suffer.


Keep Employees Happy. When people are happy where they are, they tend to stay. This is not only true for relationships, but this basic truth resonates for workplaces as well. When your co-workers are happy in their environment, they are more likely to stay no matter what other offers may be. Essentially, people would always want to do what makes them happy; people would want to stay longer in places where they believe they can thrive.

Improve Your Office’s Social Environment. Creating a community out of a company is a trend that is prevalent in many startups nowadays. It has been observed that improved social environments at the workplace tend to minimize arguments between coworkers and it leaves a positive impact on their performance.


Spend Less on Workplace Injury-Related Costs. Companies across North America spend millions of dollars to amend issues experienced by their employees due to injuries experienced in the workplace. Whether you work in a fast-growing startup or in a Forbes-listed company, dealing with costs that could have been avoided with a little office renovating is a situation no one would want to be in.