How to Eliminate Distractions and Get into the Zone

Do you ever feel like your day is filled with so many distractions that you can’t get your work done? Don’t be alarmed if you do because many of us feel the same way. What we need to do is to be more informed about the different distractions and learn how to get into the zone back again.

Our lives are rarely filled with the quiet, calm, organized space we need to get our work completed harmoniously. Even worse, our minds are rarely tranquil, free, and cleared of mental clutter. If they were, we’d smash through our productivity barriers, regularly enter the zone, and achieve more than we’ve ever imagined possible.

Greater productivity numbers mean greater prosperity for your company, which in turn leads to promotions and other bigger financial opportunities. Using a standing desk is certainly one fantastic way to stay productive, focused and alert during the day, but it’s just one method, and it’s important for workers to be able to regularly get in the zone.

To learn our favourite techniques, please use the suggestions we’re going to mention right now.

Make It a Habit to Practice Getting in the Zone

The only way to consistently get better at anything is to practice on a regular basis. The same holds true for entering into the zone. If you practice learning how to focus, learning how to eliminate distractions, and learning how to block out errant thoughts, then you’ll have no trouble entering the zone whenever needed.

Consistent practice and repetition is the only way to form a habit. Do you want to enter the zone and become more productive? Make it a regular habit to practice this skill each and every day.

As an example, think back to the time when you decided you weren’t going to sit at your desk from 9 to 5 every day. This is right when you and your employer invested in standing desks. It was a brilliant idea that ultimately led to more energy, stamina, and greater levels of productivity.

But it didn’t start out that way. In the beginning, it was a struggle using your standing desk every day. You probably had to force yourself out of your seat and onto your feet every morning. Plus, learning how to type, talk on the phone, use your computer, and other activities were very uncomfortable when you first started working at a standing desk.

Things eventually got better though. You kept at it through practice, consistency, and repetition. Now you’ve mastered working at your standing desk and you wouldn’t trade it in for the world.

Approach getting into the zone with the same attitude. If you’re struggling, find an accountability partner at work to help you. Do everything you can to achieve focus, eliminate distractions, and concentrate while working during peak productivity hours.

Lower Your Stress Levels to Gain Better Clarity and Focus

Many of us walk through life feeling huge weights on our shoulders in the form of stress. When we are so tense and anxious, it’s going to seem impossible to get into the zone. Your brain will not let you focus when it’s filled with distracting mental clutter.

If you’ve reached this level of stress and anxiety, it’s time to take a vacation. It’s time to step away from your standing desk and your work responsibilities for a short while to recharge your batteries.

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