How to Declutter your Mind to Boost Creativity

There is no doubt nowadays that creativity plays an integral part in various fields of life – be it in business, career, or personal development. It ignites fresh ideas, stimulates smart ways of thinking, and develop a brand new inspiration for development and innovations. When it comes to work and career enhancement, creativity is a must to create breakthroughs and reach higher goals. However, it is vital to have a clear mind and focus to boost one’s creativity.


Ways to Declutter Your Mind to Boost Creativity 

A clear mind can help to welcome creative thoughts and ideas. That is why if you want to boost your level of creativity, then you need to declutter your mind first. Listed below are some of the ways to do that are the following:


#1 Start your day by exploring new ideas. Some experts start their day doing meditation. It helps them clear their minds to welcome stress-free thoughts. If you’re not knowledgeable yet on how to do meditation properly, you can spend a quiet time instead. Observe your surroundings, read a book, write in your journal. All these can be done without stressing yourself. You can find inspiration and some boost of motivation by doing any of those. Begin your working day with a sense of gratitude, hope, and positivity; this can contribute to how you can be more creative.

#2 Engage in small and meaningful conversations. Meaningful conversations can be a great source of creative and fresh ideas. There will be different topics to be discussed; thus, you will learn new ideas, techniques, inspiration, and breakthroughs. Having a conversation with a coach or influencer can be similar to attending workshops and seminars. There will always be a lesson to be learned from the people whom you talk to. 

#3 Be physically active. A healthy mind and body are both needed to accomplish things related to creativity. Make sure to give your body the proper nourishment. Exercise daily to keep yourself fit. Remember that a healthy physical body supports a strong mind to think appropriately and generate creative insights. 

#4 Have an organized space (at home or in an office). When you work in an organized workplace, your productivity level will be increased. It will be more effective in developing and organizing your thoughts if your mind is free from stress and clutter. Make your desk tidy and organized. Include ergonomic equipment such as standing desk and converters so you can be comfortable while working. Remove unnecessary items on your desk so that you can work freely on your tasks. 

#5 Organize your thoughts and ideas. It’s not enough that you clean your desk at work or your space at home. You should also learn how to organize your ideas efficiently. When new ideas come, make sure to write them down on a paper or in your journal. Keeping a list of the things you will do, as well as the ideas you can imagine will be an excellent idea.

#6 Give your focus on a single thing at a time. The idea to multitask can be something that is interesting and is believed to improve productivity and efficiency. However, more experts advised that it is better to focus on one task at a time, so your creative energy will be entirely given to it. That way, you can give your 100% effort for the project and will achieve impressive results.

#7 Make time for yourself. Having a ‘Me Time’ is essential to improve your level of creativity. A relaxed mind is more open to fresh and creative ideas. Make sure to take your break and spend some time to do things that will help you recharge your passion and energy. You will then found out that creativity can be learned, developed, and enhanced. Avoid overwhelming your mind with doubts, pressure, and stress.

#8 Try other ways to relax. When your body is tired, your mind can’t function effectively. That is why you must find ways to relax and clear your mind. Some people find it relaxing to read, write, exercise, or take time to walk.

#9 Go for a walk. Taking a short walk can help you feel relaxed and clear your mind. This can also aid in generating new ideas and creative insights. Let your mind to wander and discover new things from what Nature can offer. Some people choose to walk along with areas with plants and trees, or in places where they can feel calmness and serenity.

#10 Meditate. Meditation, according to experts, has been proven to be an effective practice of relaxation. This helps not only to clear your mind but also get rid of stress, anxiety, and pressure. Some successful personalities have stated that they meditate first thing in the morning to perform on their best ability throughout the day. 

#11 Practice proper breathing. To clear your mind, you must learn how to do proper breathing. Breathe in calm and positive energy. On the other hand, breathe out negativity, tension, and stress. An overwhelmed or tired mind can lead to poor decision-making and a reduced level of efficiency. Decluttering the mind is vital if you want to become more creative in life and at work. Also, be persistent in practicing proper breathing; it’s also great for your health.

#12 Utilize a system and automate if necessary. Creating a system for every day’s tasks can be a big help. Have a to-do list to make sure that no tasks will be disregarded. Learn how to prioritize your tasks and activities. Make sure that you consider the value of time when you manage the number of hours to be spent on each. Take advantage of using automation. This method helps in saving time, money, and other resources. Today’s innovations offer various tools that can aid in making the systems more seamless. There are tools for communication, project management tools, videos, and other advertising material. Create templates that you will use. Do not indulge in some activities that are not included in your task list. It can only consume your time and may bring you stress.


Creativity comes perfectly with a clear mind. So, if you want to be creative and use it to enhance your career, the first thing that you should do is to declutter your mind. With creative skills and passion for efficiency, you will, for sure, achieve bigger accomplishments and learn more from the experts.