How to Create a Healthier Work Environment

As we all know, there are various factors that contribute to a decreased level of productivity in the workplace. One of the most vital elements to achieve efficient and high-quality work results is to have a healthy working environment. The good news nowadays is that more and more people are becoming aware of how they can make a workplace becomes a haven for the workers. Aside from applying ergonomics, there are still other tips that can be of great help.


Tips on How to Create A Healthy Work Environment

A workplace should be ideal for physical, emotional, and mental health. It should be free from intended hazards, as well as cases of bullying, for instance. A healthy work environment will not only provide physical health perks, but it can also aid in producing amazing results based on the employees’ work performance. Here are some tips every company should consider to create an ideal workplace for its workers: 

#1 Use ergonomic equipment such as standing desks and converters. A lot of claims and sources have taught us that prolonged sitting at work can be terrible for our health. This can cause several health conditions that may affect not only the work performance but also the overall health of the worker. That is why a lot of company owners and entrepreneurs are utilizing ergonomic equipment such as standing desks and desk converters. These types of equipment let the workers be able to sit and stand or move around the workplace. Since standing for long hours is also not healthy, using ergonomic desks is one of the best decisions company owners will be doing.

#2 Work in a comfortable space in the workplace. Safety and comfort must always be considered when working in the workplace. It can be risky when proper maintenance and the right tools are not considered. Every employee should have their working space that is comfortable and free from dangers. Their desk should be set up properly. Their own space must be able to give comfort and convenience while working. Wires and cables should not hamper them from working efficiently. There should also be space for them to move freely and an area where the team members can have their meetings, conferences, brainstorming, and other important discussions.

#3 Keep your employees connected and engaged. Good communication and engagement are vital for the employees so they can build meaningful relationships in the workplace. The lack of communication can commence to misunderstandings and unfinished tasks. There should be brainstorming sessions, open meetings, and team-building activities so they can create productive work relationships. If your team members - writers, web developers, customer service agents, etc. - are working remotely, then video conferencing can help. There are various tools and platforms nowadays that can aid such situations. Skype, Slack, and other online platforms are just some of them. Being connected with each other is healthy for the employees since it can boost their morale. Also, this can help in making them happy while working because the sense of teamwork and unity is present. 

#4 Put some indoor plants in the office. It may sound weird for some, but having plants inside the workplace can be a big help. Plants are known to improve the quality of air, allowing the workers to breathe in the fresh air. They can also make the office cleaner and free from dust and other air pollutants. Experts also suggest that indoor plants can help promote a calming effect and a better mood for the employees. Indoor plants can be those that are leafy and green. Some also prefer having succulents and cacti on their desks. It may look personalized, but they can amazingly help in creating a good mood in the environment.

#5 Keep the workplace clean. Some workers may be allergic to some factors, such as dirt and dust. That is why it is critical to make the office environment clean and free from factors that may cause irritation, rashes, and headaches. The workplace should also be free from foul smell so people can work comfortably. Cleanliness should be kept in the working area. This also applies to carpet, furniture, equipment, and other things in the workplace. This is to ensure that employees will be free from health risks. Such an approach can ensure that the environment will promote a healthy and safe place to work and perform tasks.

#6 Make sure to recognize and give rewards to employees’ efforts. One way to lift employee’s morale and self-esteem is to recognize their contributions to the company. It will be excellent if you can also give rewards to every milestone completed. Any finished project, as well as little achievements, can be something to be celebrated. Some bosses treat their employees over lunch or hold a get-together party in the office. Some give monetary rewards or a certificate to commend the efforts for the success of the project. Some managers also send an email to greet the employee for a job well done. In the workplace, little things of gratitude and recognition play a significant role in building better performance in the workplace. Of course, this can effectively boost the morale of the employees.

#7 Manage conflicts and learn from them. Conflicts can often be a way to bring some discomfort in the workplace. However, they can also be viewed positively. From healthy conflicts can come great ideas. When there is a diversity of insights, there will be various options that you can take. When there are various insights and suggestions, whether it’s all about differences, the best idea can come out.

#8 Avoid bullying in the workplace. Do not let bullying be present in the workplace. Offensive words and unfair criticisms can hurt someone’s feelings. That may also affect their performance at work. This is one way of creating a healthy work environment, especially when it comes to emotional well-being. Make sure to have clear rules and regulations when it comes to matters such as bullying. Respect for each other should be promoted. This will bring harmonious relationships in the workplace.


A healthy working environment is required for an employee to perform well on the job. People in the organization must feel comfortable and convenient to achieve a higher level of productivity and efficiency. Not only that, employees can move in a healthier working environment, be it in physical, mental, and emotional aspects.