How to Choose the Best Ergonomic Chairs for your Office

Most employees are glued to their seats every day at work as they finish their assigned tasks. After each shift, they often experience backaches and neck pain. You may have the same complaints, probably because you never left that chair for hours. Another reason for these aches and pains is that the chair itself does not help you feel comfortable. It's time to change that. Say goodbye to the old, cranky, and uncomfortable seat. It's time to consider ergonomic chairs for your office.

Ergonomic chairs play a significant role in providing comfort at work and promoting better posture and overall health.

Why Choose Ergonomic Chairs?

We can't help it. As we focus on our job, we tend to neglect our posture and become less aware of its possible consequences. The right office chair can help improve your productivity, especially if you sit at your chair all day. One of the ergonomic tools that can help improve your posture is an ergonomic chair for your office. But how can this type of furniture help you from your day-to-day activities?

Here are the benefits and uses of an ergonomic chair:

#1 Removes Muscular Tension

Working for hours on the same spot without standing up can put a lot of pressure on your spine. This tension may cause shoulder pain and a stiff neck. Ergonomic chairs come with a backrest that sustains the natural curve of your backbone. In addition, these chairs are accompanied by a headrest to help support your neck, head and shoulders.

#2 Supports your Posture

Sitting for long hours makes a person slouch, leading to poor posture. Bad posture causes back pains, stiff necks, painful shoulders and hip aches. Ergonomic chairs help can be adjusted to your seating preferences, with it angled a bit forward for a straighter posture and easing the tension of your back.

#3 Avoids numbness of legs and prevents varicose veins

It's necessary to get up from your seat after long hours from your shift. But as you stand and take that first step, your legs begin to feel weak and may even cause you to lose balance. Your legs' primary role is to support your body's weight. But while in a sitting position, your back carries the load and not your legs. This shift in body weight may also cause blood to concentrate on the legs, numbing them and possibly result in varicose veins.

According to  (,  a known website providing medical information, varicose veins happen when your veins become enlarged, dilated, or overfilled with blood. Ergonomic chairs are built with a specific inclination that helps relieve the blood pressure on your thighs.

The seat's inclination causes a natural circulation on your lower extremities, avoiding numbness of your legs and preventing varicose veins.

#4 Makes Movements in the Workplace Easier

Swivel chairs help workers move quickly around the office. With all its features, sitting down for hours at work eliminates the discomfort you feel. Ergonomic chairs have a swivel feature that helps you move around the office without the need to stand up and sit back down numerous times. 

Choosing the Best Ergonomic Chair for Offices

When choosing an ergonomic chair, you should be well-rounded in the features of an ideal office chair. What factors must be considered in buying an ergonomic chair for office use? Check below.

#1 Adjustability

An ergonomic chair should have features in accordance with your preferences. It should have features that will help you prevent the adverse effects of a sedentary work lifestyle. The chair should include the height and angle adjustments. Such features have the purpose of aiding you to sit in an upright position, your feet flat on the floor. 

Another factor would be its adjustments for your backrest and lumbar comfort. Your ergonomic chair should be adjusted to your sitting position, giving you support on your spine as well as leaning back whenever you feel the need to stretch from your seat.

Ergonomic chairs also have adjustable seat inclination. Your chair should tilt a bit forward to have an equal amount of weight distribution on your pelvis, helping your posture straighten up and feel more productive.

#2 Comfort

Comfortability on an ergonomic chair is as important as its adjustability. How does it feel when you sit? Knowing whether the seat is cold, warm, or just the right temperature can help determine your preferences in finding a comfortable chair. The chair's fabric must be breathable to keep it from being hot and uncomfortable after sitting on it for hours. It must also be comfortable enough that sitting for a while would not strain your back and anything in between.

#3 Sustainability

These chairs should be able to withstand forces, as people usually stretch from their seats or move from different positions on them.

People tend to stretch and create adjustments on their seats. A sustainable, ergonomic chair does not break easily and can hold force without breaking. According to BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association), sustainable furniture with nylon fibre does not easily break under pressure or force, making it last longer than standard furniture.

#4 Safety

You finally found an ergonomic chair that is adjustable, comfortable, and sustainable. But is it safe? Even in choosing a seat, we all must prioritize safety, for how can we feel comfortable when we are unsure of this? Your furniture should be BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer's Association) approved. This institution's primary purpose is to sponsor the development and maintenance of furniture safety, performance, and sustainability standards that impact people's lives. Being the voice of the commercial furniture manufacturing industry, the ratings of this specific institution can reassure you that your ergonomic chair is safe for you.

Ergonomic chairs play a vital role in a person's productivity in the office. These bring comfort and support to your body while you work. It is essential to be comfortable in your seat as you spend hours working in the workplace. To prevent back pain and other issues due to prolonged sitting, it is advisable to use an ergonomic chair.  An ergonomic chair provides features and functionality that can help you become more productive and efficient at work. Make sure to consider the factors mentioned above when planning to buy an ergonomic chair for your office.