How to Be Successful at Work by Having an Organized Office

An organized office can have a big impact on your work results. It can contribute to how well you can focus on your job and create a better outcome. On the other hand, a working space full of clutter and items are not arranged correctly, there will be chaos, and you may get distracted. When there is order at your working space, whether in a company or at home office, achieving personal and professional success becomes possible.


Working from Home: The New Trend of Office Jobs

Various individuals and families have been struggling these past several months due to the effects of the pandemic. Aside from the stress and anxiety that they are experiencing, they also face the problem of becoming more organized at work. Most of them start working from home, requiring them to make significant adjustments. It’s not easy to move away from something you used to do. It is a big challenge for some work-at-home individuals to set up a home office and work with the team remotely. It is imperative to make sure that the work environment will help foster productivity and better well-being. One way to accomplish this is by making sure to have an organized and productive workstation.


When you choose to do your job in an organized workplace, it’s not only your productivity level that will increase. It will also improve your level of focus and concentration. Thus, it will be more efficient to develop and organize your thoughts and methods to complete the assigned tasks. Start with your desk in organizing your workplace. Make it a corner that will provide you with comfort in performing your job. Keep it clean, tidy, and organized.

If you’re wondering how you can have an organized office, there are some effective tips that you can apply.


Keep your Office Organized: 5 Tips on How to Be Successful

Your work office, whether at home or in a company, must be kept clean and organized. The equipment, tools, furniture, and accessories must be well-arranged. Check the following tips to keep an organized office for your work.


#1 Learn to declutter

A workstation that is full of mess and clutter can affect the way you perform on your job. One effective way to solve it is by learning how to declutter a workspace. According to Vincente Wolf, a design professional, his approach known as the “simplicity principle” stressed out that nothing goes well in an environment that does not offer a way to build soulful well-being. Keep everything minimal. That will allow you to have the things you need and give you enough space for your work.


To declutter, it is essential to check and evaluate which items you should keep, reuse, and discard. For instance, identifying the items that you should put on your desk will help keep your workstation less crowded. Usually, you will have your desktop or laptop computer, a calendar, a computer mouse, and some other essential accessories you often use at work. Although there are instances when you may want to have some other items like photo frames of your loved ones to keep you motivated, it’s still important to keep only the things that you will need instead of adding items for display or aesthetic purposes.


Keeping your workstation free from clutter can have a significant impact on your wellness and work performance. Start organizing all the things in your workstation by getting rid of the unnecessary and keeping only those you need. It will be easier to look for files, accessories, and materials; thus, you will not waste time looking for those items.


#2 Recycle and Repurpose

Reuse or recycle if possible. For sure, there will be things in your office that you may not want to discard at the moment. It may still have a sentimental value for you, or it can definitely be recycled or repurposed. For instance, you can turn some boxes into fancy containers to organize your pens, calling cards, pins, staplers, and other accessories. Instead of buying a new desk, you can have a standing desk converter and attach it to your existing desk. It will not only help you save money by not purchasing a new table, but you can also prevent the dangers of being sedentary by using a desk converter.

Also, be smart in buying new items for your office. Make sure it will have a significant purpose and will not just consume additional space. Purchasing new items that will only make your workstation crowded will just create issues in the future.


#3 Use ergonomic accessories

Your desk serves as the center of your workplace. This is where you spend most of your time working. This is also where you place most of the things you use at work. That is why it is critical to make it organized and clutter-free. Good thing, some ergonomic accessories can help keep your workstation organized. Not only that, but they will also benefit you become more efficient and productive at work while keeping you free from health concerns.

Monitor Mounts

It is crucial to have your computer monitors appropriately positioned in the workplace to prevent eye strain and neck pain. Improper positioning of your computer monitors may cause you to slouch and lean forward – actions that may lead to neck pain and headaches. Keep your monitor positioned at an eye level. Ergonomic accessories, such as AnthroDesk’s monitor mounts, will help you achieve the correct position of your computer monitor screen. These monitor mounts and laptop stands will not only allow the proper position of the screens, but they will also offer better posture for improved health.

Ergonomic Mouse

Medical professionals and ergonomic experts recommend workers to rest their arms and elbows at a 90-degree angle, especially when typing on computer keyboards. Using an ergonomic mouse helps prevent and relieve musculoskeletal disorders such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Strain Injuries(RSI). Long hours of working on your computers can lead to wrist and forearm pain, injuries, and discomfort. AnthroDesk’s ergonomic mouse helps prevent that by promoting a neutral position of wrists, so you can work comfortably on your tasks. To avoid clutter in the workplace like cables and wires, you can choose a wireless vertical mouse. 

 Wire and Cable Organizers

There’s an effective way for your mouse cables and wires not to mess up on your desk. Keep them organized to prevent injuries by using wire and cable organizers. These ergonomic accessories will help make your desk tidier and free from possible accidents.

LED Desk Lamps

Using an LED desk lamp can also help make your workplace more organized. Instead of using lighting equipment that may look bulky and occupy a bigger space, an LED desk lamp can be more convenient to use. Not only that, using an LED desk lamp helps lessen the risk of eye strain, eye fatigue, migraines, and other types of headaches.


#4 Go paperless

Printed materials and paperwork can sometimes be overwhelming. This is why going digital when it comes to saving your files and documents is recommended. But of course, whether it’s online or computer-based, you should learn how to save files in an organized manner. Organize them by folders and use filenames that will easily recognize the files for reference. You can also use cloud saving platforms, as well as Google drives and saving devices like a flash drive and hard drives.


#5 Be creative

Any goal of being organized with your workplace will not be successful if you lack the will and a creative mindset to do so. Unleash your creativity to find better ways on how to organize your workspace. Automate if necessary. You can do some tasks easier and more effectively with a system instead of doing them manually. Creating a system or routine for your daily tasks will be a big help. An automated system will help save time, finances, and other resources. Use today’s technological advancements and innovations to experience more seamless communication and operations.

It will also be great if you focus on your work, one task at a time. Although multitasking is done by some experts to complete their work faster, it may also lead to chaos when not done correctly. Focusing on your tasks, one at a time will allow you to give your 100% attention and dedication to top-notch results.


Final Thoughts

Your workplace should be a place where you can work with comfort, convenience, and efficiency. To achieve that, it should be organized and conducive to promote better health. Make sure to consider the tips mentioned above, and you’ll surely be successful by having an organized office space.