How Being Organized in your Workplace Can Lead to Huge Success

“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” — Benjamin Franklin 

An organized workplace can lead to better decision-making, enhanced communication, and the overall success of an individual. It should be a habit of everyone because this will become very helpful to every member of the organization.

Just imagine what will happen if an employee will have a hard time locating some essential documents for his boss. Or, think of what will be the effect if an employee will be late in an important meeting just because a presentation is not yet ready because the file is missing. Members of an organization must be aware of how getting organized will create positive results.


Why Do You Need to Be Organized in the Workplace? 

Being organized does not only help a person to have orderliness at home, in the workplace, and with the things they do. The following are the main benefits of being organized. 

#1 It increases productivity. With an organized environment and orderly activities, you will definitely have more time assigned to the most critical tasks. The workplace can develop an enhanced communication flow between employees and the whole team. As we all know, improved communication yields fantastic results. When every task is delegated correctly, and all resources are organized, there will be a clear focus on what to do, and who will be the best to work on them.

#2 Time will be used wisely. When an environment and schedule are well-organized, time will be used wisely and consistently. Being punctual and being organized are two habits that can make a big difference in the workplace. Try using your calendar for schedules and alerts, or use project management tools to manage tasks and promptly work on them.

#3 Deadlines will be met on time. When everything is set correctly and carefully organized, you can ensure that deadlines will be met. This will avoid assignments to pile up and for members of the team to avoid procrastination. They won’t be overwhelmed with tasks and time pressure.

#4 Helps in reducing stress levels. Isn’t it stressful when you are asked an urgent task of finding an important file and then it seems nowhere to be found? If only the files are saved or appropriately labelled, then there will be no issues like that. When everyone is organized with their things and tasks, stress will be reduced in the workplace because the work process will be easier.


How to Start Being Organized?

Now that you know that being organized can bring myriads of benefits (especially in the workplace), you might be querying where you should start. Stated below are some of the things you should consider:

#1 Your desk in the office. Whether you’re working in a cubicle or a standing desk in an office, you need to get rid of papers that can be shredded or recycled. It’s part of de-cluttering a desk to become more organized. Use a filing system for those crucial files and documents. Label all the folders and files by sorting them by date, alphabetically, or by account’s name.

#2 Your calendar. There are important things and events, both an employer and employee need to do each day. Some meetings and appointments must be done. Some projects require follow-ups, and some must be completed in a strict deadline. The best way to remember all these is to add them to your calendar. This will help you to avoid double booking. You, too, can do that scheduling with your mobile phone by using its calendar app or software. 

#3 Your files in your computer laptop or desktop. You may be working on your laptop or desktop computer, so always save your data will be very helpful. Although there are Autosave and AutoRecovery features with the system, still, it is a wise decision to organize the files accurately. Use folders and filenames that are easy to understand for better locating and searching. Such a technique is also a big time-saver. 

#4 Workplace’s shared filing cabinets. Paperwork or hard copies of your files are still present in the office, and they should be organized or filed correctly. Their copies must be adequately secured for recordkeeping. You can arrange them using their account name or in alphabetical order. 

#5 Your mobile phone. A smart way to get updated with everything is to sync your phone with your email, as well as with your calendar. Other apps and tools such as project management software can also be installed so you can utilize their features to help you get more organized.


Effective Habits of Highly-Organized People

Some qualities make other people stand out from the others. They have effective habits, such as being organized and perseverance. Organized people are not only carefully getting their things in order; they are also highly attuned to their thoughts.

You, too, can be well-organized in your daily life by possessing the following habits:

#1 Keep a journal and write everything down. In times a bright idea spark in your mind, you can write it down. Who knows it will be the next biggest marketing idea, right? Also, keeping a list with all the items that you need to buy, or a to-do list of the tasks you need to do will be beneficial for you to accomplish more.

Writing down your tasks and activities can help you clear your mind and stay on focus. This also keeps you to be creative because you will not be overwhelmed with stress and distractions. 

#2 De-cluttering work and living space. Working in a clean, organized area makes a clearer mind, thus giving you the ability to think better and decide smarter. Whether you’re writing an article or working on a new logo, a de-cluttered area helps boost imagination and creativity. A lot of successful individuals tell that one of their habits is to keep their home and office tidy and de-cluttered.

#3 Financial awareness. Being organized does not only apply to things in the office and at home. This should also apply to how money is spent. If you value money and financial resources, then you will have a precise tracking of all your investment, sales, profits, and other transactions. A clear record of income and expenses will aid in keeping proper accounting and financial records.

#4 Keeping everything in their proper place. When things are misplaced in your workplace, it will be difficult to find them causing you to waste time and energy, That’s why a designated area for each item is needed. They should be appropriately organized in a way that they will be easily found.

#5 Ability to multitask. Some individuals amazingly can do several chores at the same time. Their mind is not only occupied but maybe working as well. For instance, if you are going into a room, and found out that there are garbage that needs to be taken away, then do not let yourself to wait for another time to do it. It’s time-saving and can complete a task promptly.


Any person who would like to become successful must include in their qualities the habit of being organized. It will not only help with their work but will also help them enhance their overall personality. Get organized today and start reaping its benefits.