Happiness with Standing Desks

News, studies, and medical articles have revealed the various benefits of using standing desks. If you're reading this, you probably already know that using a sit to stand desk is much, much healthier for you. This is because standing desks are becoming a significant inclusion at home and workplaces because it can aid in combating the detrimental effects of prolonged sitting.


More Information about Standing

You probably already know that standing makes you more productive than sitting.

You may even know that standing makes you more confident.

In one of Lifehack’s articles, “6 Realities About Standing Desks No One Will Tell You”, reveals the various benefits a standing desk can provide. It helps keep the body in its natural alignment. The article mentioned:

Standing desks were a simple way to ditch sitting and return to your natural state of “caveman” by refusing to sit for hours on end, and replacing this modern habit with an even more modern one. Yes, humans were not made to sit on a chair. Sitting makes our spine ache and leads to obesity, among other conditions, so adopting a standing posture seemed to be the best option for all of us, busy bees who work in front of a computer.”

But did you know standing can make you happier?

Those of you regularly using a standing desk won't be surprised at this. You probably felt more of that 'hard to put a finger on' happiness glow that you have felt more of while standing at your adjustable height desk.

Here's why you are happier standing.

  1. Standing means more cardiovascular exercise. Your legs, buttocks, back, and even shoulders and arms are more engaged, and muscles are more activated. That's why you burn up to 25% more calories at a standing desk, as this study notes. And we all know that exercise makes you happier. It creates endorphins and the protein BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor), which improves your mood, calms your nerves, and lessens your stress.
  2. We have more HAPPY THOUGHTS. As noted by Dr. Erik Peper, when we are standing up straight, we have more positive thoughts (aka happy thoughts). Dr. Peper, who teaches at San Francisco State University, even has broken in his classes and tells the students to stand up and wiggle (kind of like you fidgeting at your standing desk - remember, fidgeting is good!). As Dr. Peper says, the mind-body relationship goes both ways. Treat your body well, and your mind will feel good too.
  3. You BREATH BETTER when standing. Specifically, when your body is straight and upright, and not hunched over a chair, you can breathe deeply and naturally. Deep breathing drives more oxygen into the blood, cleans out your body, and reduces stress to increase happiness. Bonus tip: try standing at your sit to stand desk and breathing slowly and deeply for 2-3 minutes. Try to empty your mind and focus on your breathing. You should be breathing out of your solar plexus (think 'belly breathing', not 'chest breathing'). Count your breaths if you have to.

Stay standing and stay happy!