Famous Companies with Standing Desks in their Workplace

Standing desks become famous because of the benefits they can offer. They aid people to keep away from the adverse effects of a sedentary lifestyle. There are also studies suggesting that standing desks allow workers to boost their work performance by promoting good posture in the workplace. More people become interested in working with a healthier lifestyle because of the famous companies with standing desks in their workplace. These companies inspire other business owners to give their employees a more comfortable workstation to achieve efficient and productive work results.


Famous Companies with Standing Desks in their Workplaces

The following are some of the well-known companies who made standing desks a part of their workplaces towards their journey to healthier work experience.

#1 Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is one of the pioneers who use standing desks in their workplaces. In an article published by Wall Street Journal entitled "Standing Desks are on the Rise," it was told how some of the personnel in Silicon Valley decided to get out of their chairs and began working on their feet. This is their response to the warning of the American Cancer Society about the detrimental effects of sitting for long hours.


#2 Google

Google is another well-known company that chose standing desks to be part of the wellness program of its employees. The company allows its employees to choose to work with a standing desk to alleviate the many adverse effects of working with a sedentary lifestyle. Google also encourages its people to stay active and move around its workplace instead of keeping themselves stagnant on their desks.


#3 Facebook

Facebook has found a significant rise in energy levels among its employees who choose to use standing desks. There has also been improved collaboration and better sharing of ideas since their workplace becomes a more enjoyable place to work at. This is mentioned in a Wall Street Journal article that also stated that standing desk users on Facebook become more productive and full of zest in battling health concerns due to sitting for long hours.


#4 Twitter

Twitter has also utilized sit-stand desks in their workplaces to encourage their employees to become more active at work. This is also a step they made to promote health and wellness in the company. Standing desks encourage Twitter's people to shift from sitting to standing, or do them alternately.


#5 Apple

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, helps his employees to prevent significant health problems at work. In one of the interviews with The Carlyle Group's David Rubenstein on Bloomberg, Cook mentioned that "sitting is the new cancer," and that he believes that standing in the workplace is essential. In line with that, he decided to give every worker in his company a standing desk. He also stressed out that when employees learn how to alternate between sitting and standing and do some movements throughout their work shifts, they will be able to live healthier work experience in the office.

This is also reported in an article published by Business Insider, where the Apple CEO revealed that everyone in their new headquarter called "Apple Park" gets a standing desk.

"We have given all of our employees, 100%, standing desks. If you can stand for a while, then sit, and so on and so forth, it's much better for your lifestyle," Cook also mentioned in the article.


#6 Fast Company

One of the Fast Company's web producers, Cia Bernales, shares her story about how she decided to switch to a standing desk. She mentioned how her posture improved and why she will never go back to the traditional office desk and chair.


#7 FF Venture Capital

FF Venture Capital is another famous company that decided to make standing desks a part of their workplace. The company was featured for its creative workspaces and fitness promotion among its employees. The company also noticed that standing desks helped their employees to become active in sharing their insights. This is the reason why the company decided to include standing desks in their meeting rooms.

#8 Honda of Canada Manufacturing

In Canada, Honda of Canada Manufacturing also took the move to become healthy at their workplaces. The company uses AnthroDesk ‘s standing desks, that’s why we’re so happy to be part of their journey to success and promoting good health for their employees.

The Interesting "Rise" of Standing Desks in Workplaces

For sure, standing desks are nothing new to most of us. There are several studies and articles that have been published about them and their benefits. Well-known individuals such as Winston Churchill, Thomas Jefferson, and Leonardo da Vinci are said to utilize this piece of furniture as they work on their crafts.

The fame of standing desks also flourished when more and more companies embraced the promotion of overall health and fitness for their employees. This is in response to the various studies proving the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. Sir Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin Group, stresses the wide range of benefits stand-up meetings can offer. Several reports also pointed out the dangers of sitting for long hours. There have been studies as well that tagged sitting as the 'new smoking,' and that a sedentary lifestyle can kill us, if not prevented. There are other potential health issues caused by a sedentary lifestyle such as back pain, heart diseases, diabetes, weight problems, and other health conditions related to poor posture.

The following are some of the main benefits of standing desks.

#1 Help improve focus and concentration

#2 Lessen the headaches caused by sitting for too long

#3 Promote higher energy levels

#4 Alleviate back pain and neck pain

#5 Improve blood circulation

#6 Promote better digestion

#7 Lower the risk of acquiring heart diseases

#8 Prevent musculoskeletal diseases


Final Thoughts

There are various good reasons why famous companies such as Facebook, Google, Silicon Valley, and others are making standing desks a part of their workplaces. These are proven by their testimonies as well as the noticeable improvement in their people's health and work performance. As we all know, the health and comfort of employees must be both top priorities of a company. Top companies with standing desks can inspire today's firms on how they can provide their employees with an innovation that will help them to become more productive and efficient at work. Consider using a standing desk and other ergonomic items in the workplace so you can start getting its benefits.