Facts About Standing Desks

With today’s various innovations in the workplace, it is interesting to know that workers can get various benefits from using ergonomic equipment, such as standing desks and desk converters. They become an important part of every workstation and aid in combating the harmful effects of an inactive lifestyle. This includes sitting for long hours, not taking breaks at work, and neglecting to keep a healthy lifestyle.


Interesting Facts about Standing Desks


You might be thinking about why standing desks are becoming mainstream in the workplace. This is because these ergonomic equipment are beneficial when it comes to alleviating the harmful effects of sitting. The following are three of the most interesting facts about standing desks:


There are studies that revealed that by standing, compared to sitting down, could aid in counteracting some of the adverse effects it can bring.


Other studies suggested that sit-stand desks, specifically, prompt people to move more and consequently burn more calories. Many people believe that this innovative type of furniture, which most modern offices now have, can help with weight loss.


#1 It helps lose weight


Sitting for long hours can contribute to weight problems. The good news is that using a standing desk can help reduce this issue. A standing desk can help burn calories per hour compared to one hour of sitting. Alternating between sitting and standing is recommended by medical professionals and ergonomic experts. 

In one of the articles we’ve published entitled “Can Standing Desks Help Lose Weight?”, we have discussed several studies on how standing desks may help in losing weight. Although some studies are not claiming that standing desks can effectively lose weight, it can aid in burning calories. We also shared some tips on how using a standing desk can aid in burning calories while at work. These tips include:

  • Performing some desk exercises
  • Taking breaks at work
  • Get a fitness trainer or coach to help you with the proper exercises
  • Perform some stretchings regularly


It is important to always remember that the best way to overcome a sedentary lifestyle is to stay active and healthy at work and at home.


#2 It helps business owners save money

When employees are feeling comfortable at work, they can give their best effort to every task assigned to them. They will be productive and efficient in the workplace. Business owners can benefit from this since absences and errors at work can be reduced. This will help them save money and resources when the workplace is organized and promotes a better work environment.


#3 It improves the quality of work 

Just imagine if a worker is having pain while at work. Since sitting for long hours can lead to back pain and other posture-related problems, it can lower the productivity level of an employee. The quality of work can also be affected. That is why it is recommended to use ergonomic equipment and accessories such as standing desks, ergonomic chairs, vertical mouse, desk converters, and anti-fatigue mats.


To use standing desks properly, there are tips that you should consider. We’ve published an article that shared the top ten standing desk tips to ensure productivity and efficiency.