Ergonomics 101: Ideal Chairs for Standing Desks

Whether you're working in an office at a company or at home, you're likely to spend more time sitting in a chair. Although there are already various articles telling that sitting is dangerous to health, most workers can't avoid working while seated. This is why using standing desks is recommended by the experts. Standing desks are very helpful in providing comfort and productivity in the workplace. However, using a standing desk can be more effective with an ideal chair that can promote better health and comfort.


But how will you choose the best chair to use for your work? To answer that, you need first to get familiar with the different kinds of office chairs.


Types of Office Chairs that You Can Use for Standing Desks

Despite the many kinds of office chairs available nowadays in popular physical and online stores, choosing the best one can still be challenging. Today's different types of office chairs are designed to meet the various needs based on different jobs and workplaces. This is why you should consider the purpose of using it when buying an ideal office chair.

The following are the most usual types of office chairs. To be more informed about each type of office chair here is some information about them:

#1 Drafting Chairs

From its name, this type of chair is often used by artists and architects. It is perfect for workers like them who need to alternate between sitting and standing to promote comfort and better health. Drafting chairs are designed to be used with standing desks or drafting tables. These chairs let the users sit or stand without the need to get interrupted from their work. It has an adjustable height and perfectly supports your body weight, back, and lower and upper limbs.

#2 Leather Office Chairs

Leather office chairs are easy to recognize because they are covered with leather. They showcase quality, comfort, and sophistication. They are often more costly than other chairs that use materials like fabric, mesh, and vinyl. These types of chairs require proper maintenance so that you can keep the leather material from peeling or being worn out.

#3 Balance Ball Chairs

Balance ball chairs are also called 'yoga ball chairs.' This is because they have a large inflatable ball and a strong base at the bottom. Some designs also have some casters and backrests to make them similar to the typical office chairs.

#4 Executive Chairs

Executive chairs are usually the most sophisticated ones. They are used by executives, such as managers, company owners, and other high-ups. They are designed with a notable appearance having a high back as well as a thick cushioning on its headrest, back, and seat. They are also more expensive since they are usually made from real leather and high-quality wood.

#5 Mesh Office Chairs

Mesh chairs are ideal for those who are looking for extra comfort. It has a breathable back seat, which is made from quality mesh materials. This chair can also help improve blood circulation and provide lumbar support to reduce lower back pain.

#6 Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic chairs are specially made to promote proper posture. This type of chair also provides support to let you work for long hours while sitting in the office. Although they are a bit more costly than the other office chairs available now, they can surely help with proper ergonomics in the workplace.

A post from WelpMagazine showcased a list of best executive chairs for industry experts and leaders. (AnthroDesk's high-back ergonomic chair is included!)


Benefits of an Ergonomic Chair

Spine-Health listed in one of its articles the different features to look for in an ergonomic chair. These include the proper seat height, lumbar support, backrest, seat material, armrest, swivel, and seat depth and width.

The following benefits of an ergonomic chair will convince you to make it a part of your workstation:

-          It helps reduce the risk of having back pain.

Since ergonomic chairs provide a backrest designed to support the natural curvature of the spine, they can help alleviate back pain.

-          It also aids in lowering the risk of neck problems.

When you work without neck support, you will likely develop stiffness in the shoulder and neck area. When taken for granted, such symptoms can lead to other complications and more severe conditions.

-          It makes performing tasks easier.

All the features of an ergonomic chair can help to make your work easier. This type of chair makes it more comfortable to work on your tasks because of its comfortable seat, swivel and adjustable height.

-          It is more comfortable to use.

An ergonomic chair is more comfortable to use compared to traditional chairs.

-          It helps reduce the pressure on the hip region.

Traditional chairs normally have hard surfaces. This makes it have extra pressure in the area of your hips. Ergonomic chairs are provided with an ideal seat depth, so your hips and buttocks will be more comfortable.

-          It supports you to have proper posture.

An ergonomic chair supports the proper posture while sitting. Since its height is adjustable, you can customize it to set it correctly for your posture easily.


Why Should You Choose AnthroDesk's High-Back Ergonomic Chair?

AnthroDesk's high-back ergonomic chair is designed to reduce the adverse effects of sitting on health. It provides the user with the right comfort and balance. It offers fully adjustable features to allow proper movement of the head, back, and arms. Its mesh backrest lets you stay comfortable and cool, even after long hours of sitting.


  • ADJUSTABLE: High back swivel ergonomic chair with height & angle adjustable headrest and armrest
  • SUSTAINABLE: Mesh back + nylon back frame
  • COMFORTABLE: Fabric padded seat with injection foam inside + plastic bottom cover
  • SAFE: BIFMA passed class 3 gas-lift + multi-functional mechanism with reclining and locking at four positions function

For more details about this product, click here. Other ergonomic products are offered by AnthroDesk. All of them are proven to be effective in combating the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle.