Easy Health Checklist: Think You Are Healthy?

Think you’re living with a clean bill of health? Think again.

These days, it’s easy to fall victim to the idea that nothing might be wrong with you just because you seemingly “feel good.” Unfortunately, some of the worst conditions and ailments may not manifest physically and their symptoms only tend to appear when it’s already too late. From another point of view, good health is not limited to your physical well-being.

Good health also covers a healthy mind and emotions. That’s why just like your physical health, your mental and emotional health are also safeguarded. Healthline.com published a post about the Importance

of Mental Fitness, whereas the following was stated:

“Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness, and shouldn’t be neglected. Including mental dexterity exercises into your daily routine can help you reap the benefits of a sharper mind and a healthier body for years to come.”

To achieve a good mental health state, visualization can help. It uses the power of imagery, so you can feel at peace and inspired to create even better things,


Health Checklist: Clues You Should Be Be Aware Of

True health expands to your mental health and emotional balance as well. While the latter may be more difficult to observe, the former can easily be assessed just by observing these common signs. Although these are not essentially symptoms of medical conditions, they are very helpful clues that can tell you the status of your health.


#1 Your muscles hurt and you are always tired.

The first sign that you might want to look out for is something that can manifest as actual pain. Nowadays, it’s common to live a life spent constantly in front of the computer. Whether you are someone working from home or someone who competes with other professionals in the corporate world, you are susceptible to aches and pains that may occur as a result of decreased physical activity. Signs to look out for in this case include a painful wrist, an aching lower back, constant migraines, and consistent bouts of exhaustion.

These signs often point to stress, which is a very common health issue that busy professionals face, or they may also be initial signs of RSI or repetitive stress injuries. These symptoms commonly “attack” people who live sedentary lifestyles. Even if you are accustomed to working in front of the computer for countless hours every day, this does not mean your body enjoys the lack of movement.

To get rid of RSI and its accompanying symptoms like carpal tunnel syndrome, you need to cut your long hours of sitting and insert more physical activities to your daily routine. Many professionals who have dealt with carpal tunnel syndrome have also altered their work positions by installing sit to stand desks at their workplace. According to a report by IndustryWeek, these innovative office equipment are credited for saving companies across the United States around $1.97 billion dollars in costs relating to RSI relief in 2009. Not only has ergonomic equipment become a necessity in offices, but most of today’s IT headquarters and startups consider it an absolute part of the everyday IT office.


#2 The whites of your eyes are neither clear nor white.

Apparently, the eyes are not just windows into someone’s soul, but they are also windows into someone’s medical records. According to a report by USNews.com, the white tissues in your eyes must be clear and well, white, if you want to consider yourself truly healthy. Yellowish or reddish discoloration, which is a common sight these days, can actually point to serious health conditions.

The most common cause of this discoloration is lack of sleep or eye strain which may occur when you read for extended hours in poor lighting. If this is what you experience daily, make sure to exercise, have better sleeping habits, and to install a bright reading lamp on your desk if you want to pull an all-nighter.


#3 Your nails are yellow or rough too.

Your eyes are not the only parts of your body which may exhibit some discoloration. Rough or yellowish nails can be a sign of inadequate oxygen or disrupted blood circulation throughout your body. These commonly occur when you do not exercise or move as much every day and when your diet consists mainly of fried meat and unhealthy ingredients.


#4 Your urine is cloudy and dark in colour.

What coming out of your body can be just as good of a sign as any physical manifestations you may be experiencing. One of the best and most telling signs of poor health may be concluded from how your urine looks and smells.

As a basic point to remember, when your urine is dark in colour or less opaque than usual, you may be experiencing urinary tract infections or kidney issues. When its looks are coupled by a putrid smell, this could mean your body is trying its hardest to eliminate some serious infection-- and it’s your job to find out what. If you find red droplets of blood in your urine, or if it resembles a muddy brown hue, it’s time to go to a doctor, because your condition could be borderline serious.


#5 Finally, you experience acne breakouts often.

Acne is generally caused by hormonal issues, but some skin conditions occur when there are problems occurring elsewhere. Some breakouts occur when bacteria has found its way onto your skin and your skin layers are unable to withstand the skin issues they tend to carry in their wake.

Another reason behind acne breakouts is poor hygiene and diet, or in extreme cases, stomach issues. Washing your face will not remove acne easily-- if you want surefire results, arrest the cause first.


Final Thoughts

As we often hear, prevention is always better than cure. Achieving a healthy mind and body should always be our top priority. When we are living a healthy lifestyle and keeping ourselves motivated, there’s nothing that can hinder in achieving our goals and dreams.